Why did God create so many selfish brains on the Earth since lengthy ahead of Biblical moments?

Concern by : Why did God create so a lot of selfish brains on the Earth because lengthy prior to Biblical occasions?
This I want I had an answer to. For about 2,011 years, maybe even longer then that, I definitely imagine that human beings on this Earth have been selfish. This Planet sadly, is stuffed to the brim with sinful people. There has been crooks, burglars, robbers, pirates, nazis, murderers, males and girls that do medications in ghettos, criminals, terrorists, outlaws, people that don’t assume of other people, extremists, dishonest men and women, individuals who don’t stick to the 10 commandments of the Holy Bible, unsuccessful men and women, evil folks that end up with Satan, Wars with other international locations, snipers, bullies, attackers, abusers, individuals killing other folks, individuals without having hearts, Satanists, skulls and crossbones, intoxicated folks, legislation breakers, imply and unpleasant folks, harmful people, cavemen that threw rocks at each other, combating about land and faith, individuals that communicate two various languages in the Center East, arguments, angry folks, unsuspected terrorists, highway racers that will not comply with the speed restrict, Mexican pirates, gang violence, people who get shot on the information, assassins, communists, rapers, brutal vikings, European renaissance, medieval knights and armors, Vietnamese and Chinese that combat, Koreans and Japanese in War, Genghis Khan and Mongol Warriors, Pontius Pilate that killed Jesus Christ on the Cross, Adam that ate the apple, Enemies, films like Star Wars and games like Star Fox that ruin Enemies and fight in Outer Area, The Virginia Tech and Columbine incident, Tuesday September 11th, 2001, Pearl Harbor, The Holocaust, motion pictures like iRobot exactly where enemies demolish the Earth, The 2012 concept, hacking personal computers, pornography, the meteorite that killed all of the Dinosaurs 1 million years ago and so numerous much more even Entire world War I. Why did God develop so a lot of selfish brains on the Earth since lengthy ahead of Biblical Instances?

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Response by Artemis
Why blame god?

Why do you (and other people) act so negatively?

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