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The world’s very first Hammerbeam roof
medieval hammer
Picture by Lawrence OP
The Hammerbeam roof is the name offered to a Gothic open timber roof, of which the finest instance is that more than Westminster Hall (c.1399).

In purchase to give higher height in the centre, the normal tie beam is minimize via, and the portions remaining, recognized as hammerbeams, are supported by curved braces from the wall in Westminster Hall, in buy to give higher strength to the framing, a significant arched piece of timber is carried across the hall, soaring from the bottom of the wall piece to the centre of the collar beam, the latter being also supported by curved braces soaring from the finish of the hammer-beam.

The span of Westminster Hall is 68 ft. 4 in., and the opening between the ends of the hammer-beams twenty five ft. 6 in. The peak from the paving of the hall to the hammerbeam is 40 ft., and to the underside of the collar beam 63 ft. six in., so that an further peak in the centre of 23 ft. six in. has been obtained.

Ahhh… Cherry….
medieval hammer
Picture by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez
Tvesday IX Sept MMVIII

Kingdom of the Blade, The Joriel Chronicles

The ‘Friend’ of The Ranger of the Far West reveals her… …title.

Cherry, Archer from The Far West.

Daughter of a miner, Cherry had it tough growing up. Not like her good friend, Vyolet of Property Canis Lupus, (who she affectionately addresses as &quotVee&quot), she was not of prosperity or higher class heritage. In simple fact whispers all around the industry and stables state that this young busting warrior(ette) may have even been the daughter of a Dwarf. Nicely no scholar is specific of her lineage in that respect -but she’s as hard as them little fellas.

Cherry is an achieved marksman (ahem) – person. Not even the Great Rangers by themselves can match her accuracy, nor the velocity of her arrows, in overcome or levels of competition. Her good friend Bobby says it’s because her opponents get distracted by something, but the hammer-male would in no way specify what…

On most days Cherry fashions smart attire, but on people scorching medieval summer time days she just requires what she wants. A bow and an arrow – and does away with her crossbow kit and cape. A clever transfer considering that cloth and additional excess weight can cause a warrior to slow down and drop the capability of stealth. One particular shot is all she requirements…

In her travels she grew to become acquainted with the languages and customs of a lot of kingdoms and provinces. Despite the fact that she statements that she won’t speak several languages, a single can wager she definitely understands them.

Cherry, in spite of her expertise and ability, is a humble getting. She knows what her restrictions are. She usually practices the Art of the Sword with the Blade Warriors to additional advance her abilities in shut quarter encounters. She’d also like to ride a horse a single day too, but she need to very first triumph over her equinophobia…

…Ahhh Cherry….

The deal with and hair are from Lego Agent Trace (2008 Agents sets 8633 &amp 8635).
You may have discovered that the &quotmicrophone&quot has been taken out. I employed a Bali-nese caligraphy rice etching artist to skillfully modify the print. Wicked eh?
Torso is from the Lego SW Princess Leia minifig.

Picture Copyright © 2008-existing Joriel Jimenez
Please use with permission and total attribution

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