How was a mace employed in the medieval times?

Question by Lisa: How was a mace employed in the medieval times?
If anybody could give me a clear explanation of how a mace is used it would be a great support !!! 🙂

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Answer by Monster Moose
you bashed folks on the head with it. its a spiky club how else would it be utilized?

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  1. I think in the movie “Savior” with Dennis Quaid, the Serbians used it against Innocent men and women.

    They would go and clubbed on the top of their heads, in their faces, and around their necks with that thing.

    It is a long club with a chain on it with an attached small, but heavy metal spike ball.

    It was painful to look at.

    The modern day mace are now seen with martial arts weapons.

    There’s no getting away from that thing.

    Just run.

  2. It was a weapon for crushing and penetrating armor. Swords couldn’t be used against knights in the later middle ages because their armor was too strong. So maces were used more and modified to be a heavy weight with a small point of impact (a spike or ridge) which meant they could hit with much greater force even though they were shorter and couldn’t stab or slash. They were wielded one-handed so the other hand could hold a shield.

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