medieval instances sports activities?

medieval hammer
by wallyg

Query by E: medieval periods sports?
what are some similarities among sports activities from medieval occasions and right now?
some sports activities from medieval times are-
hammer throwing

and thats mainly it.
does any individual know any of these sports activities are equivalent to today’s sports?
skittles, i dont genuinely know haha.

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Reply by embeddeddog
skittles? What the heck is that?

Archery, bowling, hammer throwing, horseshoes and wresting have not transformed much. The relaxation are both much a lot more modern – or they have been replaced with more common sports like soccer or working. You know those failed to exist before Television.

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  1. Well, bowling and archery were, I should think, quite similar to how they are today. In the UK, bowling is still done out of doors on a lawn, as it would have been in medieval times, indoor bowling is only catching on in the UK in modern times. Skittles probably quite similar too (re. comment above, skittles are what you I think call pins when you go indoor bowling.)

    Wrestling was considerably more violent in those days I think, men could be killed wrestling, whereas nowadays it is all more theatrical.

    Baiting, which involves setting one kind of animal on another, a bear being attacked by savage dogs for instance, is I think illegal nowadays, so it only goes on in secret. I believe that people in the UK still do badger baiting.

    Hunting with dogs was popular with the upper classes, but is illegal in the UK now, and in medieval times it would have been deer who were the chief quarry, whereas in recent times in the UK it was foxes.

    Football (soccer) was played in medieval times, and was a much more violent game than it is today (nowadays violence is mostly among the spectators). Hordes of people might play, and it could become extremely violent.

    I am not sure how golf different from the present day, though I doubt that they had the elaborate golf courses that they do in our own time.

    Jousting we do not have nowadays, except at medieval re-enactment fairs. They may be quite similar, except that there would be less likely to be serious injury, as could sometimes occur at medieval jousts.

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