Q&A: The spears or boar spear is a medieval easy machine employed to kill animal or in battle.?

Query by antonio: The spears or boar spear is a medieval simple device employed to destroy animal or in battle.?
What variety of easy device is it ?

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Reply by Syntinen Laulu
The boar spear was a spear utilised – shock! – for killing wild boars. Like all spears, it was a prolonged pole with a pointed blade at the finish. The particular function of the boar spear was that it had a cross-piece behind the blade. This was needed due to the fact if a wild boar costs at you and you stick a narrow-bladed spear into him, he will just carry on charging even however his charge is ramming your spear appropriate through his body, and can get to you and injure or destroy you. The cross-piece was developed to prevent this taking place.

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