What are the finest web sites to discover out about medieval weapons such as the Pike and Gown Sword?

Query by Zesus45: What are the finest sites to locate out about medieval weapons these kinds of as the Pike and Gown Sword?

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Reply by Dapifer
Very first of all, the weapons you bring up are not normally medieval. Although pikes ended up utilized in the Middle Ages, specially at the finish of the period of time, they have been considerably more typical in the Early Modern time period.

I am not even positive what you mean by Gown Sword. The expression usually refers to the non-practical sword worn as an accessory on a military dress uniform. In the Center Ages there were no gown uniforms (nor standing armies, for that matter).

So I’d say the initial spot to start off would be Wikipedia, to operate out the look terms you happen to be seeking for. If it’s medieval European weaponry you happen to be fascinated in, attempt www.myarmoury.com or the links on this web page: http://writemedieval.livejournal.com/3819.html

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