How can I sell a lot of old collectible swords?

Question by smkoniarczyk: How can I sell a lot of old collectible swords?
I have about 65 of them of all different types.

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Answer by Reverend Les
E-bay, and let me know when you put them on. I collect swords as well.

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  1. first i would have them appraised then have them auctioned or post them on eBay it might cost you a little bit of money for the appraisal and if you have them auctioned at a public auction you will have to pay a fee for the service good luck

  2. EBay may be the best place to sell these items (under Collectibles). Just keep in mind, it’s best to break up a collection and sell them individually for the best price. At the present time, there are 9,964 swords listed on eBay and they are divided into such categories as militaria, samurai, Japanese, Lord of the Rings swords, ninja, master, civil war, etc. You can click on the link below to get a quick look. Don’t be intimidated by the large amount for sale. There are many avid collectors out there that are waiting to pounce on the opportunity to buy true Civil War relics, if that’s included in your collection, and they are willing to pay BIG bucks! The one drawback that comes to mind is: Where are you going to find 65 long and narrow, sturdy boxes for shipping that you don’t have to buy? You certainly don’t want to lose any of your profit to buying expensive cardboard boxes. Think about it.

    P.S. — Too, if your individual sword is worth over $ 50, be sure to set a Reserve Price so you don’t inadvertently have to sell the item for less than that in the event that you should only get one bid, i.e., the Starting Bid.

  3. As other have said EBay would be a good pick to sell the swords. If they are authentic swords and not reproductions you will want to get them appraised and even post an ad in History/Military magazine(s).

  4. in my opinion, Ebay will not be a good place to sell them. With thousands already listed, your chances of getting a good price are slim. Like somebody else said, unless you already know what you have, have them appraised. Maybe even two appraisals as they can vary a lot. Some swords, can be worth a whole lot on their own. Provence is the key word there, if you can document who owned them and when, it increases the value a whole lot. Selling them individually probably is a good idea. if you can do it, take them to the appropriate shows that are around. Gun shows usually have a place for such things too. I would place a small ad in any magazine there is that collectors subscribe to, a news letter, what have you.

  5. Other than e-bay, why don’t you contact a firearms school in your area. My husband is a firearms instructor and they’ve gotten all kinds of articles (usually from some of the older gentlemen who go in and tell their stories and show off old guns, swords etc). They can suggest where you can sell your swords.

  6. It depends on what sort of swords they are. If they are quite valuable, chances are that you won’t get what they are really worth on Ebay.

    Have them appraised first. If they some are truly rare items, an auctioneer might be your best bet. If they are more typical (WW-2 and such) Ebay might work. For the rarer civil-war era and earlier, or rare oriental items, a real auctioneer might be a better bet. Some Japanese items are being sought after by that government, and you might wish to contact their consulate if you have such items as they would like them back.

    Again though, it really depends on what you have. Modern collectibles, such as Toledo and most mass-produced collectibles are best sold on Ebay though.

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