Japanese sword……………………….?

Query by Bob S: Japanese sword……………………….?
I would like to know if anybody is aware how significantly this sword might be really worth. It is from WWII and it is Japanese. My grandfather shot a Japanese Basic and took it from him. My grandfather was a sniper. It came from the battle of Okinawa. Pleese any person that is aware how considerably swords like these are really worth pleese inform me. Make sure you no stupid anwsers.


sorry for the other things in the pics wow 20k !!!!!!!!!! i also have a lantern to i won’t be able to uncover anything out on i was cleansing up my dads property and located lots of genuinely previous points my dad is still alive (fifty decades outdated ) im 14. i also would like to know if any person knows anything at all about a:
Permissible Miners Saftey Lamp Aprroval # 20 (A) issued to the Koehler Manufacturing organization. it has the United States Dept. of Labor Seal on it so it can not be older than 1903 please any information i identified a thing on Ebay Thiland but for some reason it wont indicate me the page PLEESE Aid.
sorry for the other things in the pics wow 20k !!!!!!!!!! i also have a lantern to i cannot find something out on i was cleansing up my dads residence and discovered lots of really previous issues my dad is nevertheless alive (fifty years outdated ) im 14. i also would like to know if anyone is aware of anything at all about a:
Permissible Miners Saftey Lamp Aprroval # twenty (A) issued to the Koehler Producing organization. it has the United States Dept. of Labor Seal on it so it cannot be older than 1903 make sure you any information i identified one thing on Ebay Thiland but for some cause it wont display me the page PLEESE Support.
no it is unique study the info i gave it came from wwii and my grandfather acquired it from a common he shot (sniped) lol
I am quite confident it is worth fairly abit I did some reaserch and identified that there is the exact same actual sword in the Smithsonian seem up swords in the Smithonian and it is in there so I am guessing it ought to be scarce.

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nicely its all rusty and shizz

you might be location is a dump


I would not sell that sword for under twenty,000

why are you selling it. don’t you want to give that to your young children.

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  1. My dad has a Nazi Secret Service Jack knife that’s in perfect condition and it’s worth $ 2k.
    I’m not sure how much a Japanese sword would be, but i’m pretty sure if you search it on the internet you should find something close to that.
    My best guess would be at least $ 1k.

  2. The link below shows the value of a comparable sword to be in the 400.00$ to 500.00$ range. Of course, all price values are negotiable to both what you are willing to part with it as a price to what a dealer/individual is willing to buy it for. The item with the scabbard will be worth more than the blade alone to a collector. One site shows a similar sword with a price of 6500.00$ . I would have it appraised by a certified dealer. See the bottom link for the list.

    Be very careful to not touch or handle the blade. Oils in your skin will damage the delicate surface. Wipe it with a soft dry cloth and keep it in a dry area.

  3. I have studied Nihonto (Japanese blades) off and on for over 10 years and it is my greatest passion. From the pictures you have provided, it is most likely a “Shingunto” (mass produced army sword) or a mass produced blade that has been oil quenched (Not a true Nihonto) There is a small chance that the blade you hold before you is a “Gendaito” (Modern Art Sword: After the Meiji Revolution, The Art of Japanese sword crafting almost vanished and in later years, weapons were illegal in Japan as they still are today. In order to preserve the art of Japanese sword making, the Japanese sword is considered a symbol of Japan and a sacred object first and foremost, and a weapon second. This allows the craft to continue and the Japanese people can still own a sword, but is registered much like an automobile.) A Shingunto can vary roughly from $ 200 to $ 1,000 and an oil quenched blade from $ 400 to $ 1,500. A traditional Gendaito can vary from $ 1,000 for a blade that has flaws but “may warrant a polish” to a fully restored blade made by a smith who was ranked a “Living National Treasure” fully restored with no flaws in top quality mounts with two “Juyo” papers (One for the blade and the other for the mounts) can very easily sell for over $ 100,000 in a short period of time. In the rare chance it is a traditional blade, it may have what are called “Fatal” flaws and be worth nothing to a collector despite it being a traditional blade. If it is, in fact a Gendaito, that has no fatal flaws, you should take proper care of the blade and learn how to care for it, otherwise it should be given (or sold) to a suitable owner. I know of Numerous websites who can help you with this. If anyone wants to know more about Nihonto, feel free to contact me.

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