Q&A: Is a Suzuki Katana thought to be a activity bicycle or is it a lot more of a cruiser?

Query by chillinginchicago: Is a Suzuki Katana regarded as a sport bike or is it a lot more of a cruiser?
Is the Suzuki Katana regarded as a sport bike or a crotch rocket or is it regarded as to be far more of a cruiser bicycle? Also, what is the difference between a Suzuki Katana and a GSX are they the very same thing? How does a GSXR vary?

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Response by Busa rider
i think its thought to be a activity tourer

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  1. The Katana is more of a sport touring bike. Still a sport bike, but tamed down for the masses. The components used on The bike are not as high end and light weight. This keeps the cost down. The GSX is more of a track bike with license plates. Lighter weight, more HP, better brakes. More aggressive riding position.

  2. The Katana is a sport-touring bike. It’s a little cheaper than the gsx line of bikes. You need to ask yourself what kind of riding you want to do. The gsx bikes have a more aggressive riding posture (you lean way forward). you can commute on them, but you may ache in the back on longer rides.
    The sport touring bikes you are a little more upright in the seat. they are a little more comfortable on longer rides, but are good for aggresive riding too.
    My personal opinion: If you decide on a sport tourer, go with the Yamaha YZF600R. Great bike for commuting or canyon carving.
    If you want the single minded “sport” bike. go with the GSX bikes.

  3. Don’t listen to the snobs like 51 above. Any motorcycle is fun if ridden correctly, and the Katana is no exception. It may not get the respect that a GSXR or an RR does amongst the sport bike crowd, but it’s plenty fast and capable enough to make you smile and enjoy it (which is really what it’s all about).

    Like someone else mentioned, watch one of the GSXR squids do an hour commute, then moan and groan while they try to get off of the thing! The Katana will do great on medium length rides, is comfortable, and cheap to buy and insure.

    In other words: enjoy the ride, not just putting down other riders because they don’t have the bike that YOU want.

  4. the Kat is a ‘sports tourer’ by insurance standards. you could call it a crotch rocket, but it is NOT a supersport like the GSX-R

    The katana is the GSX-F i believe.

    the difference: lots of money 😛

    The R is lighter, more powerful, fuel injected, and has a more aggressive riding position. it’s all new tech.

    the F (katana) is basically a really old GSX-R. It’s air-cooled instead of liquid cooled, it’s carbed instead of fuel injected, and it is HEAVY (over 100 lbs heavier than the GSX-R). being old tech keeps it cheap.

    it’d be a very good highway tourer, but don’t expect to keep up with more modern 600 cc sport bikes in a drag race.

  5. there is a super sport and a sport. a katana is a sport. A gsxr is a super sport. A GSXR is a light bike a 600 would be around 350lbs and a 1000 is around 420lbs (dont take my word for it). A katana is around 500 lbs.

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