Q&A: What kind of medieval sword really should I get?

Question by Cameron Bob: What sort of medieval sword really should I get?
I’m looking for a real medieval sword to buy off the web. Ideally hand made and quite good hunting. This would be my initial sword also. Ps do you want a licence to have a sword in Canada?

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Solution by william
You really should “try out on” sword and examination it for suitable stability and grip, excess weight is also essential

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  1. I know nothing about Canada , In USA you can have it , but don’t take with you outside your house .
    There is many web sides with swords .
    I believe that you should have some good quality but inexpensive sword .
    Make it nicer by yourself .
    Swords may cost a lot of money , be smart .

  2. If you want to actually use this sword, you should handle it in person before you buy it.
    I seriously doubt you will actually get a true Medieval sword on line-usually it is a replica.
    and those can be really good or really bad. If you want a good looking sword that you can handle effectively as well try to see if any of the sword smiths in Toledo Spain are on line and get one of those. It will cost about US $ 1000.00 plus shipping. You realize actual medieval swords were fairly boring looking.If you want to use it you should handle it to feel it’s balance, ideally it should be a full tang spring steel blade. Damascus steel is very cool If it’s just for display, well just pick a pretty one, and don’t pay more than a couple hundred, making a sword is not cheap.

  3. If you want a rea medieval sword then by definition it would be hand made. Machine-made didn’t happen till the 19th century. And I’m thinking swords even then were hand forged. I doubt a surviving medieval one would be very good looking, though. I assume you’re talking about European ones. You could probably find Middle East, Indian and Asian swords. But wouldn’t that be expensive?

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