What is the conventional katana sheath made out of?

Question by BananaPropaganda: What is the conventional katana sheath made out of?
Also, how lengthy is the normal katana in comparison to a tachi, kodachi, or wakizashi(sp on that 1…?)? And what could result in one particular to break or crack?

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Response by twainy
Historically they had been made of wood. Check out out the website link for more information on the swords.

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  1. I prefer my sheathes made out of latex. A wooden sheath doesn’t sound too comfortable or sensitive either, but I suspect it would be 100% effective, unless it split as wood has a tendency to do when it dries out. I don’t think you’d be able to carry round a pack of three wooden sheathes conveniently in your wallet either,but perhaps the Japanes have bigger wallets? I presume also that as wood doesn’t stretch like latex, it was necessary to provide a range of sizes and that tachi, kodachi, katana and wakizashi are simply Japanese traditional terms for small, medium, large and “Oh my God”, although I can find no reference to the actual dimensions.
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  2. i’ve got a set that has wooden sheaths. 3 lengths about 3 foot, 2 foot , and one foot. You also have the sepheroth style swords that are like 5-6 foot.

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