Question by Steven White: Writing a paper for English about rennaissance time period?
I have to write a 3-5 page paper on the renaissance and I was going to write about the fairs but upon lookin up info for the renaissance fairs I found not a lot. I need something that there is a lot of information about and that I can easily write 3-5 pages double spaced. Help please.

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Answer by ME!
Talk about…
the difference between the rich/poor (describe 1 paragraph for the rich, 1 for the poor, and 1 comparing the two)
the hardships of the rennaissance period

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Question by alan: americans what are/should you do about the attacks on your embassies?
Am sure you all know American embassies where attacked in Egypt Libya and I think north Africa what is America going todo, the uk news made a good point if America doesn’t react strongly they may no longer be seen as the no1 power. You may even look like victims who can be pushed around if third world countries can attack and kill your people what message does that send to China and russia. Muslims are living I. medieval times and need to catch up their over sensitivity about religion can’t go on for any Muslims reading this learn to take a joke and ps gods not real especially Allah

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Answer by Hoekom Jy My Haat
We should bomb the capitals of the offending countries.

Either that, or kill their ambassadors to America.

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Some cool renaissance wear images:

Allison has this kind of a good look about her (IMG_4561a)
renaissance wear

Impression by Alaskan Dude
I experienced the chance to shoot with the beautiful, fun, bubbly, very photogenic, and sweet Hope and her spectacular partner Allison with both wearing chain mail. I are unable to think how fortunate I am!

There is a chain mail keep at the Texas Renaissance Good for the duration of the day they sponsor a chain mail style demonstrate – it is a photographer’s delight. Operating with pretty versions this kind of as Hope and Allison is definitely 1 on the highlights of the Good. I hope to be in a position to shoot with equally of them once more at the 2012 TRF!

Portrait of a Texas goddess (IMG_4567a)
renaissance wear

Impression by Alaskan Dude
I experienced the likelihood to shoot with the lovely, enjoyable, bubbly, really photogenic, and sweet Hope and her beautiful associate Allison with both sporting chain mail. I cannot imagine how fortunate I am!

There is a chain mail retailer at the Texas Renaissance Good during the day they sponsor a chain mail fashion present – it is a photographer’s delight. Doing work with wonderful models this kind of as Hope and Allison is absolutely one particular on the highlights of the Honest. I hope to be able to shoot with both of them once more at the 2012 TRF!


Question by Islam Delenda Est: A hardcore liberal who actually gets it about Islamic terrorism? How could this be?


Quotes from the article:

“McEwan, 60, said it was ‘logically absurd and morally unacceptable’ that writers who speak out against militant Islam are immediately branded racist.”

“McEwan recognised that similar views were held by some Christian hardliners in America.
‘I find them equally absurd,’ he said. ‘I don’t like these medieval visions of the world according to which God is coming to save the faithful and to damn the others. But those American Christians don’t want to kill anyone in my city, that’s the difference.'”

I might just have to buy one of his novels!
curious: Is “racsim” the left’s standard response to anything they don’t like? It loses its effectiveness after it’s been trotted out every ten minutes for years on end.
curious: Reading comprehension not your strong suit, I take it? That passage was by a friend of McEwen’s. Thanks for playing, though.
sj: I can define modern liberalism in two words: Moral relativism. They generally believe there is no right or wrong, only “different”. Because of this belief, they are unwilling to defend traditional American (or more appropriately Western) values and ways of life. They are the fruit of the moral and political decay sowed during the ’60’s.

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Answer by a_wood80
I didn’t think they existed.

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medieval news
by zerega

Issue by Khankrumthebulgar: Why is the Feminist Welcoming US Media silent about Honor Killings Here?


July 23, 2008 —

ON July 6, police say, a Pakistani named Chaudhry Rashid strangled his 25-yr-previous daughter San- deela Kanwal with a Bungee cord in her bed room because she needed to end her organized relationship. This “honor killing” came not in Pakistan, but in Jonesboro, Ga. – a suburb sixteen miles outside Atlanta.

At his arraignment, Rashid said through an Urdu interpreter that he was “not in the state of mind to discuss due to the fact of the dying of his daughter,” but mentioned “I have done absolutely nothing incorrect.”

This is not the identical as declaring innocence. His attorney, Tammy Lengthy, defined, “My customer is likely by means of a hard time. As you can imagine, he is distraught.” Apparently, it takes a more powerful gentleman to murder his daughter without sentiment.

The national media has compensated minor attention to the tale of Kanwal’s murder, however most shops found a great deal of time to debate the cover of The New Yorker.

When a blonde woman goes lacking, cable networks cease in their tracks – but when a Muslim female is murdered by her father, there’s not a ripple of sustained interest. Where’s the outrage?

Maybe it really is muted since we have grown reluctant to pass judgment on other culture’s customs – but multiculturalism hits a crossroads when honor killings come to The us.

The United Nations estimates that the globe sees five,000 honor killings a 12 months – overwhelmingly in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, but progressively between Muslim immigrant communities in Europe.

The United States has prevented this bloodstained trend until not too long ago. Some take into account Kanwal’s demise the very first documented honor killing listed here. Other people level to the murder of sisters Amina and Sarah Explained in Irving, Texas, on New Years’ 2007. (Their MySpace webpage continues to be up. Featuring assimilated teen tradition and American music, it is haunting.) Their father remains on the run from police.

Few doubt that other honor killings have occurred behind shut doors. In upstate Monroe County just a number of times ago, a lady was stabbed by her brother for putting on immodest western apparel and wanting to transfer to New York Metropolis. In accordance to court files, Waheed Allah Mohammad described the stabbing by declaring his sister was a “negative Muslim girl.”

“Honor killing is a misnomer,” author and exile Ayaan Hirsi Ali advised me. “The killing takes place since these ladies have allegedly introduced shame on their family. The paradox is that these are folks who have emancipated on their own.

“These ladies embody the American aspiration. They want to grow to be self-reliant – deciding who they marry, when they marry and how several young children they will have.”

On the surface area, this seems like a classic case for the left – outrages effectively well worth protesting. Honor killings and other tribal customs like feminine genital mutilation stand for a significantly greater risk to human rights than comparatively benign examples of Western sexism, like unrealistic measurements on a Barbie doll.

But this would demand recognizing that the best risk to civil liberties in the world nowadays comes not from the United States, but from a medieval tribalism that’s nevertheless murdering men and women all around the planet below the guise of enforcing piousness.

“The us is an assimilating nation,” affirms Ayaan, “and so when immigrant Muslim gentlemen assimilate into American culture they are applauded for it. But when some immigrant Muslim women assimilate into American society, they locate on their own ostracized – overwhelmed and even killed by their very own families. And the American manifeste ignores their plight to safeguard the immigrant Muslim local community from stigma.”

There really should be wall-to-wall coverage when Rashid’s pretrail hearings begin tomorrow in Atlanta. By any expectations, this is a sensational crime.

As a substitute, the trial may possibly well get dismissed as old news or swept under the rug as just yet another domestic-violence case. These rationalizations go over up a soreness with wading into cultural judgment – and a wish to avoid the danger of violence that often comes with criticizing radical Islam.

You will find a value to these kinds of squeamishness. In England, Lord Chief Justice Phillips, the country’s prime judge, has said that sharia legislation should be integrated into British law, while the Archbishop of Canterbury explained these kinds of incorporation as “inescapable.”

This slippery slope threatens to undermine liberal democracy and even the principle of civilized norms. The usa must make a stand, since numerous Europeans either can not or will not.

As Ayaan states: “As an immigrant Muslim lady jogging for your life, from your personal family, I feel The united states is a much better location for us, because we know that Us residents are individualist enough that they will eventually selected to safeguard us – even though Europeans choose to adhere their heads in the sand and pretend absolutely nothing is going on.”

Our final victory in the War on Terror will be to encourage a Muslim reformation by offering examples of successful Muslim-American citizens – specially females – who thrive inside of the equivalent rights and open up possibilities of American culture. For Muslim girls who want to dwell in freedom, America is the final best hope on earth – and we should continue to be practically nothing much less.

John P. Avlon is the writer of “Impartial Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics.”

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Answer by Fifties Rebel with no a Clause!!
Thanks for sharing, actually.
I am not actually a feminist or everything, but I’ve been conscious of these “honor killings” that are developing a lot more widespread in areas like Canada and Europe–and now The united states regrettably.
I do not realize why this just isn’t greater information, i actually don’t. It’s alarming to me. We require to know what’s taking place, and we want to notify them that we won’t tolerate it. I discover the line about Europeans not carrying out everything about it true. (it reminds me of a book i go through areas of: The united states By yourself by Mark Steyn)

perhaps the media’s scared? scared they’re going to arrive off as racist or anti-multiculturist or what ever. probably they want to appease Muslims? avoid another terrorist attack or protest? they want to advertise only excellent stereotypes? they’re afraid an individual will accuse them of judging their faith? those are just some concepts, i actually never know. but i’m glad an individual is out there reporting this. It is quite genuine and significant. I know this because I have a lot of muslim close friends. some send their children to their home countries to be “better muslims” other individuals i have realized know others who have been close to honor killings or any killings created in the title of their faith or regardless of what (they live in palestine although).

anyway, sorry i did not solution your query, but thank you for sharing. the manifeste needs to know, and these girls need to have to know that they needn’t dwell in dread. by the way, i concur with anything this write-up states. (i think you can find your solution in there, but if you have been hunting for a different a single, sorry i never have a single…)

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