Question by Dawei: Hurricane exercise highest in a thousand years? No 1 else posted this so I figured I would. kingdom/2/hello/science/character/8197191.stm “The final decade has observed an common of 17 hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic – previously in the century, 50 percent that range have been recorded. But current levels were […]


Question by Ottawa Mike: Will global warming boost or reduce storm action? There looks to have been several information studies lately about storms getting joined to environment modify (i.e. warming will allow for more regular and intense storms). Even so, I have just go through some science which states the specific reverse: “There is proof […]


Question by McCrackin_2000: I am hunting for an aged live motion movie involving mechanized armor suits, like power rangers.? I saw this motion picture decades back when I was a younger child and all I remember is a single scene when the heroes have been walking by means of the desert to get a burried […]