by Contando Estrelas Question by Islam Delenda Est: A hardcore liberal who actually gets it about Islamic terrorism? How could this be? Quotes from the article: “McEwan, 60, said it was ‘logically absurd and morally unacceptable’ that writers who speak out against militant Islam are immediately branded racist.” “McEwan recognised that similar views were […]


Question by BB: If the Arctic is really Cooling…. then why are not we viewing this ‘good’ information in the mainstream media? New Review Exhibits Arctic Cooling More than previous 1500 years Canada Totally free Press Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:00 UTC “The late-twentieth century, however, is not exceptionally warm in the new file: On […]


Query by daywalkr: I am seeking for the identify of a really lengthy oriental sword, somthing like Do-? assist x-mas gift? Best answer: Reply by sishakarathere is a pole-arm called a kwan-do. seems to be like a massive blade mounted on a five-foot long pole. Give your response to this question below!