Question by Islam Delenda Est: A hardcore liberal who actually gets it about Islamic terrorism? How could this be?

Quotes from the article:

“McEwan, 60, said it was ‘logically absurd and morally unacceptable’ that writers who speak out against militant Islam are immediately branded racist.”

“McEwan recognised that similar views were held by some Christian hardliners in America.
‘I find them equally absurd,’ he said. ‘I don’t like these medieval visions of the world according to which God is coming to save the faithful and to damn the others. But those American Christians don’t want to kill anyone in my city, that’s the difference.'”

I might just have to buy one of his novels!
curious: Is “racsim” the left’s standard response to anything they don’t like? It loses its effectiveness after it’s been trotted out every ten minutes for years on end.
curious: Reading comprehension not your strong suit, I take it? That passage was by a friend of McEwen’s. Thanks for playing, though.
sj: I can define modern liberalism in two words: Moral relativism. They generally believe there is no right or wrong, only “different”. Because of this belief, they are unwilling to defend traditional American (or more appropriately Western) values and ways of life. They are the fruit of the moral and political decay sowed during the ’60’s.

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Answer by a_wood80
I didn’t think they existed.

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Question by BB: If the Arctic is really Cooling…. then why are not we viewing this ‘good’ information in the mainstream media?
New Review Exhibits Arctic Cooling More than previous 1500 years

Canada Totally free Press
Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:00 UTC

“The late-twentieth century, however, is not exceptionally warm in the new file: On decadal-to-centennial timescales, intervals around Advert 750, one thousand, 1400, and 1750 were similarly heat, or hotter. The 200-year prolonged heat period centered on Advertisement one thousand was considerably hotter than the late-twentieth century and is supported by other local and regional paleoclimate info. The new tree-ring evidence from Torneträsk suggests that this “Medieval Warm Period” in northern Fennoscandia was a lot hotter than formerly recognized.” material/8j71453650116753/?p=fcd6adbe04ff4cc29b7131b5184282eb&pi=

“The new Torneträsk summer season temperature reconstruction exhibits a trend of -.3°C about the very last one,500 years.” long time

Be aware: the perform was conducted by Håkan Grudd of Stockholm University’s Division of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, and in spite of the results, the investigation was not funded by business.
Martin M mentioned: “what are these nuts sites you folks go to? i am not clicking on that, locate a genuine source then i’ll study it.”

By “crazy internet site” do you suggest a web site that has a locating that you disagree with?
Martin M stated: “what are these nuts sites you people go to? i am not clicking on that, discover a genuine supply then i’ll go through it.”

By “crazy internet site” do you suggest a web site that has a discovering that you disagree with?

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Response by bravozulu
That is terrible information in their eyes. It enables “hayseeds” and “hicks” or anyone who isn’t an elite liberal to feel that we don’t require their socialist remedies.

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Query by daywalkr: I am seeking for the identify of a really lengthy oriental sword, somthing like Do-? assist x-mas gift?

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Reply by sishakara
there is a pole-arm called a kwan-do. seems to be like a massive blade mounted on a five-foot long pole.

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