Problem by : Is making use of a japanese sword a good weapon when fighting in opposition to ten or a lot more men and women?
Like i wanna know can particular person that s very experienced in combine martials and kung fu XD can they beat ten or more people even though employing a japanese sword if so why or why not?

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Solution by Jay L
personally, I would prefer an M-14 with a bayonet

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Question by lehmann’s bro: Will Liverpool’s strategies in opposition to PSV be as medieval as the play coming to the city?

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Response by We Still Dont Stroll Alone
You asked 3 questions in a row, All about Liverpool. A

Im guessing your not a Liverpool fan, Your wit is not even witty, Its just witty to those who have to locate you witty, Because they see your queries up every single day all the time, So it becomes so typical to assume your witty. Thats it.

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