Question by BeeDee: Does anyone know of an organization that donates Halloween Costumes to underprivileged children? I would like to do a costume drive at my school and collect gently used Halloween costumes, and donate them to a charity. I’ve tried looking some up but cannot find any. Best answer: Answer by Libby Schmitzgo here […]

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Query by sensible-doctor-egypt: “Does Islam essentially loathe anyone and nearly anything not Muslim or Islamic?”? Islam Hijacked Rabbi Reuven Firestone, writer of “Jihad: The Origin of Holy War in Islam” and Professor of Medieval Judaism and Islam at Hebrew Union Higher education in Los Angeles, offers his insights into the gatherings of September 11. The […]


by Dead Petal Sanctuary Problem by Sher: Does anybody know of a great renaissance fair anyplace close to North Carolina? Or someplace in the South East? I am really interested in the center ages. I would like to take myself and my household to a renaissance fair so that they could enjoy that enjoyment, food […]


Query by DarkAngel44: I’ve seen entire-sized fake suits of armor in flea markets, any individual know exactly where I can uncover 1 for decoration? Chesapeake Virginia Very best response: Reply by GGattempt ebay What do you assume? Response down below!


by A single lucky man Query by Elena: Can anyone inform me the title of a medieval shield commencing with ‘H’? Has to do with family. Not hereditary. I am making an attempt to do my (dull) Historical past homework and cannot bear in mind what the phrase is that I need to have to […]