Anyone every been to a renaissance fair?

by admin on April 30, 2012

Question by Rawnyy :D: Anyone every been to a renaissance fair?
Hee hee. I am going to one soon. Don’t ask why…. It will be my first time. What can I expect? Is it a bunch of women serving beer with their boobs sticking out and loads of fat men eating turkey legs?
ever* excuse my misuse of the english language.

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Answer by ℓιz (ιи тнє ραитs, ωнαт ?)
Err… I went to one like, four years ago?
I remember there were shows, and music, and crafts, and lots of stuff to buy. Oh, and women with large boobs serving beer.
Have fun! lol

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Did anyone see this yet?

by admin on November 12, 2011

Question by Clint: Did any person see this but?
Gay marriages ended up sanctioned in medieval Europe

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Response by For Da Ben Dan – Jake
Go father back to the Greek and Roman cultures that are accountable for shaping what has right now turn out to be “western culture” and homosexuality was recognized as a healthful sexual orientation.

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Question by King Boston: Does anyone know why Thors hammer from to human has the exact same title as master chiefs armor fit?
I seen that Thor’s hammer is named “Mjolnir” and which is also the name of Grasp Chiefs match I was pondering if this was just a signal of respect to bungie or if any individual understood why it was named right after Grasp Chief?

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Solution by GMI

Halo by no means made up the notion of Thor’s Hammer… they took it from mythology.

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