Question by Ryan Tyhurst: Can you help me appear up with a circumstance that is equivalent to this one but various? For instance, I may say, experienced I jumped ahead from medieval times and experienced in no way observed a Television prior to, that it appeared that there was a really tiny guy behind a […]


Vision interpretation… assist!?

by admin on March 2, 2012

Concern by camshiva: Vision interpretation… support!? Allow me say very first, I’m just your average Joe… I was saved a couple of many years in the past (not out of struggle or strife… something I had often pushed away since of silly anti-authority troubles) but I am no bible scholar and still in infant in […]


Q&A: assist with my medieval news paper?

by admin on November 3, 2010

Question by marie: help with my medieval news paper? what would be a excellent cover story for this newspaper i have to make for college, i need to have large activities of the medieval occasions, i was heading to do the hundrad many years war, but i think there are also many events for a […]


Query by daywalkr: I am seeking for the identify of a really lengthy oriental sword, somthing like Do-? assist x-mas gift? Best answer: Reply by sishakarathere is a pole-arm called a kwan-do. seems to be like a massive blade mounted on a five-foot long pole. Give your response to this question below!