Question by Ryan Tyhurst: Can you help me appear up with a circumstance that is equivalent to this one but various?
For instance, I may say, experienced I jumped ahead from medieval times and experienced in no way observed a Television
prior to, that it appeared that there was a really tiny guy behind a extremely very small desk trapped behind the glass presenting to me the evening information. This would be my subjective conception of it, shaped only from my observations without having any outside the house reflection on it. Stepping outside of that, reflecting on what is occurring, and exploring a bit in to contemporary technology, I would occur to uncover out about video cameras and how tv displays have been broadcast. This would be my purpose conception of it. I could also say, objectively, that, while at 1st physical appearance it did understandably look to be a tiny guy and desk trapped powering glass, I am now confident that it is not. In this way the objective viewpoint certainly trumps the subjective viewpoint, while nevertheless explaining how the subjective viewpoint would be arrived at.

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Response by josephrosecarpenter
A man on a balcony watches a tidal wave arrive ashore. Some men and women are swept to sea and some wash up on his balcony. He states “The hand of god was right here” . Later on, fractals are discussed to him and he realizes that it was just a numeric likelihood.

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Vision interpretation… assist!?

by admin on March 2, 2012

Concern by camshiva: Vision interpretation… support!?
Allow me say very first, I’m just your average Joe… I was saved a couple of many years in the past (not out of struggle or strife… something I had often pushed away since of silly anti-authority troubles) but I am no bible scholar and still in infant in my spirituality.
But I had one thing that in every way appeared to transcend your every day backyard variety aspiration. It was comprehensive and certain, it was powerful, and when I awoke I laid there for several hours just floored @ the expertise. Later as I explained it to my spouse I began to weep. Not out of sadness or delight, but out of the sheer power of the expertise and what I can only describe as appreciation for getting been offered the knowledge. I have NO clue if any of this is biblical or just psyche-mumbo-jumbo (as I mentioned, not a scholar) but I do not want to dismiss the slight likelihood it is one particular of the items god bestows when you are saved. Its Quite symbolic, but I have just as significantly trouble pulling anything from it as I do knowing the bible itself. The following goes…

I was walking throughout a Quite significant stone bridge. The sky was dark however I could clearly see the hundreds of 1000’s of men and women walking with me across the bridge (image golden gate dimensions, but significant stones resembling medieval time period). We were all travelling in the identical direction whilst a few ended up standing even now, searching all around, baffled as to in which they had been. In truth everyone appeared a bit baffled, not terrified, but not positive how they acquired there either. A Large scale transition of some sort had just occurred. Even so, most of us knew to stroll in the exact same route. I seemed a small a lot more focused and knew I had to maintain walking and not squander my time. Off in the distance was a gigantic fortress (once more medieval in search but tremendous in size) with a lot of lit windows. Upon coming into the fortress, you could wander between the hundreds of rooms, some tiny some large, every single having some type of activity getting place… typically in the form of some kind of witnessing/intervention/exorcising on one more certain person. For confusion purposes, I’ll contact the “helping people” A’s and the “in need” people B’s.The B’s appeared to be in need of support, had been puzzled/frightened although the A’s were making an attempt to tranquil them down, make clear what was happening, and manual them. In some severe situations there have been B’s that required deep religious intervention. In some rooms there ended up even elaborate “machines” (non-electrical however operated, manufactured of more mature materials, carved wooden, rope, bronze, and so on. about the size of two-three guys) that aided in these attempts to help the B’s. Other than the people and the occasional “machine”, the rooms had been bare. After casually walking via some of these going on, I arrived into one particular room wherever a B was specifically frightened and currently being aided by another A. I was drawn to the confrontation and as I approached, the B eyed me wearily and backed up a bit, although the A glanced at me and back at the B and explained, “Don’t stress, he is here to assist you. He has an Angel of Israel with him.” That was reports to me! But as the phrases left his mouth, my feeling of goal grew to become clearer and I stepped in aid the B by means of the transition we had all just knowledgeable. That is in which it ended.

The only “visions” I am aware of are in Daniel and of course revelation. But as I explained, the symbology of these books (and most of the Bible) escape me. I’m no bible thumper, alarmist or freak. A couple beers with the men, Simpsons supporter, and pay attention to all types of tunes, rather smart expert in regular Orange County property. All regular and average. This expertise was everything but typical and common, but I know deep inmy heart in implies a thing.

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Answer by Royal Racer Dieu d’amours
Misplaced you at..”let me say…

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Q&A: assist with my medieval news paper?

by admin on November 3, 2010

Question by marie: help with my medieval news paper?
what would be a excellent cover story for this newspaper i have to make for college,

i need to have large activities of the medieval occasions, i was heading to do the hundrad many years war, but i think there are also many events for a newspaper, and we cant do the black demise plage because that was the case in point,.

ours newspaper is based around the 1300s

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Reply by fugacity19
The plague: Myth or coverup by the French!

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Query by daywalkr: I am seeking for the identify of a really lengthy oriental sword, somthing like Do-? assist x-mas gift?

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Reply by sishakara
there is a pole-arm called a kwan-do. seems to be like a massive blade mounted on a five-foot long pole.

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