Full Size 39″ Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New

Full Size 39

  • Full Size 39″ Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New
  • Stainless Steel Mirror Polished Blade Slightly Sharpened
  • 30″ Blade
  • Leather/Wood Sheath
  • Leather Shoulder Strap

Up for sale is a brand new reproduction of the gladius sword used by Maximus in the begininning of the featured movie Gladiator when Maximus led his army attacking the barbarians. The sword is almost an exact copy of the sword used in the movie. The sword is finely detailed with a polished wooden pommel and a guard.

The sword features a stainless steel blade measured at 29.75″. The edge of the blade is unsharpened.

The handle is made by imitation ivory with golden medallion in the middle

List Price: $ 57.88

Price: $ 74.95


Medieval Wooden Quadruple Fight Mace Ball

  • Quadruple Mace Ball
  • Wood manage and black nylon wrap
  • Chains are 13 inches
  • Deal with is 17″

Medieval Wooden Quadruple Mace Ball
This quadruple mace ball is silver with a wood take care of and black nylon wrap. The take care of is 17″ and the chains are 13″.(eighteen a long time previous to order this merchandise)

Listing Price: $ 38.50



Warhammer Mark of Chaos & Battle March Expansions Bundle

  • Gameplay focuses on the armies and battles, as an alternative of the tedious aspects of base and source management
  • Epic sense of equally scale and detail exactly where huge demons and huge fantastically rendered battalions clash
  • A selection of buildable features and randomized, destructible terrains such as forests, swamps, plains, and tundra
  • Heroes and Champions understand new tactics, unlock new skills, command more substantial units, even challenge other Champions in a duel to the dying
  • Customise your army – Swap body elements, add weapons and armor, even paint units and banners

An growth to Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for the Laptop, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Battle March builds upon the game’s tactical foundation to offer new units for each army as effectively as an authentic campaign and new on the web modes. Players will be in a position to encounter the mysterious sorcery of the Darkish Elves and the savage brutality of the Orcs and Goblins in an all-new chapter of the game’s one player campaign as they battle to conquer an invasion by the armies of Chaos.

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos puts

List Price: $ 44.00



Issue by mach2.25steve: How many folks did the avg swordsman kill in a Medieval battle?
I am speaking about the battles where 2 sides charged every single other with swords, spears, arrows and other weaponry. How several folks would a soldier destroy? Is it like the films in which every person is just battling any individual they arrive in get in touch with with?
The bravery of these guys who had to charge into something like this has to be almost unmatched. At any second throughout the battle you could be stuck with or hacked at with a sword or any weapon from any course.

Very best answer:

Reply by Petrusclavus
Dismiss the movies and the stupidity. Battles lasted hours – practically all of that time was shifting , shouting and waving weapons. On common the regular soldier killed maybe 1/10 of a man or woman – most deaths occoured in the rout not the battle.
It is odd I know but pre-powder it took a great deal of time to nerve the soldiers up to go into contact.
They have been individually and collectivelly terrified – that is why drill and coaching and repetition are utilized.
Swords ended up heavy – not rapiers true swords – made to hack through armour – you can not maintain one at arms size for more than a minute in fact.
So it arrived down to nerve – in a lot of battles resolution arrived when one facet missing it really is nerve and backed of without make contact with.

Know greater? Depart your individual solution in the remarks!

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