Query by thirddegree77: Samurai vs. Knight. Who would acquire in a one particular on a single combat?
A French knight, ca. mid 15th century, a potent medieval tank and professional on the battlefield who is willing to die for his lord and his god.

A Japanese samurai, ca. late 16th century, a experienced master of combating, dueling, and war inclined to struggle and die for his daimyo and inclined to be killed or even destroy by themselves for honor.

Each of these highly proficient warriors are each fearless extremely sklled warriors.

Knights advantages:
Steel plate armor (chainmale beneath plate)
Quite experienced horsemanship

Knight disadvantages:
Major armor and weapons
Low visibility from helmet

Knight weapons:
broadswords,axes,spears,halberds,lances,crossbow, and flails

Samurai positive aspects:
lighter armor and weapons
skilled horse archer
fair visibility

Samurai disadvantages:
less potent horses
weaker armor

Samurai weapons:
katana,yumi(longbow),yari(spear),naginata,kenabo, and zanbato(significant cavalry sword)

Given this who do you believe would win.

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Reply by Stead
This is not even a levels of competition. A silly knight would begin charging, just before he even gets 10m inside the Samurai he would be shot dead by an arrow.

If the Samurai is a veteran, he will destroy him in one shot at the weak spot before the knight could even lift his arm. If he is a noob, he’ll just pull out a dart or powder and blind him in the eyes.

Knights have no range weapon, they will be slaughtered just like they get slaughtered by Genghis Khan’s horse archers.

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Let’s have a hypothetical battle?

by admin on July 14, 2011

Problem by Old Scratch: Let us have a hypothetical battle?
It’s between a Roman army of a hundred and fifty AD and a French army of 1200 AD. Would the legionaries have the day with their purchase, instruction, and supreme self-discipline, or would the French knights, though impetuous and fairly few in amount, break the Roman army with their plate armor, devastating charge, and lifelong talent at arms? Would the Roman’s require to bring in provincial auxiliaries, like elephants, mounted archers, or cataphracts? Or would the medieval army require to use crossbow and pike mercenaries to secure a victory? If the legion survived the cost of the knights, would the French infantry stand any likelihood towards the Romans? Who do you believe would arrive out on top rated?

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Reply by fore4kicks
dude ill grab a gun LMAO

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