Query by thirddegree77: Samurai vs. Knight. Who would acquire in a one particular on a single combat? A French knight, ca. mid 15th century, a potent medieval tank and professional on the battlefield who is willing to die for his lord and his god. A Japanese samurai, ca. late 16th century, a experienced master of […]


Let’s have a hypothetical battle?

by admin on July 14, 2011

by owenhurrell Problem by Old Scratch: Let us have a hypothetical battle? It’s between a Roman army of a hundred and fifty AD and a French army of 1200 AD. Would the legionaries have the day with their purchase, instruction, and supreme self-discipline, or would the French knights, though impetuous and fairly few in amount, […]


33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab 33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab 440 Stainless Metal Blade 27″ Blade Unsharpened Steel, Wood, and Leather wrapped Scabbard UPS 5 Day Floor Delivery The Viking sword is a new sort of spatha, evolving out of the Migration Interval sword in the 8th […]


17″ Viking Warrior Medieval Battle Axe, Iron Throwing Design Ax An Amazing Replica for your Medieval Assortment Lovely Cast Iron Blade A unique gift notion Deal with is Roughly 17″ Long During the medieval era axes had been a really essential device to have when in battle or for daily use this kind of as […]



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