From Ducatus to Regnum: Ruling Bavaria Below the Merovingians and Early Carolingians (Haute Moyen Age)

Bavaria was a extremely essential nation throughout the early Middle Ages. Its territory involved significantly of the modern day German state but also reached across the Alps into what are now Austria and northern Italy. Bavaria thus occupied a strategic placement amongst the rival kingdoms of the Franks and the Langobards. It was ruled by effective dukes who had close political and personalized relations with the Frankish rulers but who also vigorously resisted attempts to control their possess sovereignty. Bavaria’s independ

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A Significant-Scale Slave Culture of the Early Middle Ages: Slaves and Their Families in Early-Medieval Bavaria

This text is divided into three parts. The very first two chapters provide an introduction to the historical dilemma of early medieval slavery and a short background of Bavaria to provide track record details. The up coming 6 chapters offer with a collection of subjects, which offer a complete historical overview of the establishments and conditions of slavery. This historical analysis is primarily based on an substantial selection of main paperwork, every single referenced in the text as it happens in the discussion. These d

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