by The Armatura Press Question by Lisa: what was the difference between a wealthy Roman and a poor Roman in Ancient Rome history? I wanted to know, what were the differences between the wealthy Romans (patrician) and a poor Roman (plebeian)? What could a patrician do that a plebeian couldn’t? I can’t seem to find […]

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by gynti_46 Question by Russell E: What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600? Please im thinking about buying a new bike and the one I found online is a katana but I dont want to buy it if its not what I want. I always wanted a sports bike […]


Issue by toucan_sam4: Is there a distinction among a flail and a bola? I was studying up about medieval weaponry and I observed a weapon named a bola. I constantly assumed it was called a flail. Is that just an additional title for it or are they two equivalent kinds of weapons? Finest reply: Response […]


Question by Retard in a duck costume: What is the distinction among a helm and a conical helmet? I am performing a medieval magazine report for grade 9 sose and are undertaking the big difference among conical and helm hetmets. help? Very best response: Response by Curiously, purpleI was just likely to give you the […]

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