Question by Lisa: what was the difference between a wealthy Roman and a poor Roman in Ancient Rome history?
I wanted to know, what were the differences between the wealthy Romans (patrician) and a poor Roman (plebeian)? What could a patrician do that a plebeian couldn’t? I can’t seem to find all the info I want or need and I want to learn about Life in Ancient Rome. Please help!

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Answer by Swissman
What mainly separated the two was political life. Patricians were the senator class; only they can act as consuls. They ruled Rome and were extremely wealthy. Their social and economic status came from the lots of land they owned.
Plebeians were from all stratums of society. Some of them were very rich but were disbarred from political life when the Etruscans were overthrown (since they were Etruscan themselves) on 508 B.C. The plebians soon after started electing a tribune as their leader. For them they had the same prestige as a consul (there were two consuls during the Republic; they were the highest political seats and acted as kings but were elected, like presidents if you will). The number of tribunes increased to ten some time during the fifth century and politically they became very respected figures and there were laws that protected them as being sacred and should not be harmed. The tribunes were the leaders at the popular assemblies (these assemblies were where the laws were passed during the monarchic and Republic period). The plebians soon started being granted political power when they threatened to secede (stop fighting for Rome) and Roman enemies were at her gates. This technique worked great. By 376 BC the Sextian laws were passed which stated from then on a plebian can be consul but will be called a military tribune instead of consul. The law made it that one consul position was reserved for plebians to vote for the tribune they wished to be consul.

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Question by Russell E: What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?
Please im thinking about buying a new bike and the one I found online is a katana but I dont want to buy it if its not what I want.
I always wanted a sports bike but never had enough money to buy one till now. I had 1980 kz750 up untill a couple months ago when i sold it that i rode for about 6 months or so. I want the bike for recreational rides i already have a truck to commute.

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Answer by The Champ
The GSX-R is a highly focused track tool with a very narrow powerband, close gearing, unforgiving handling, relentlessly responsive brakes, and a ruthlessly commited riding position.

The GSX600 (Katana) is more of a economy commuter with an ancient chassis and engine design. It is also a heavy, softly sprung wallowy pig, and has wooden brakes.

Dont buy either one.

Update with your riding experiance (have you ridden dirt bikes, do you have a rebel 250, are you a Moto GP champion etc) and how you intended to use the bike you want to buy (commuting, short recreational rides, touring, trackdays etc) and I will suggest a good bike.

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Issue by toucan_sam4: Is there a distinction among a flail and a bola?
I was studying up about medieval weaponry and I observed a weapon named a bola. I constantly assumed it was called a flail. Is that just an additional title for it or are they two equivalent kinds of weapons?

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Response by pheemz
They are absolutely different.

A flail is a near range weapon, a bola is a thrown weapon consisting of cords with weights on the conclude.

Check out out the picture right here:

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Question by Retard in a duck costume: What is the distinction among a helm and a conical helmet?
I am performing a medieval magazine report for grade 9 sose and are undertaking the big difference among conical and helm hetmets. help?

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Response by Curiously, purple
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