Avengers Captain America Classic Costume

by admin on April 10, 2013

Avengers Captain America Classic Costume

  • Jumpsuit and character headpiece
  • Child Sizes : 3T-12
  • Official Marvel Licensed Costume

Marvel’s avengers movie

List Price: $ 30.00




Some awesome medieval wear images:

Captain of the Lincolne Companie (with notes on his armor).
medieval wear

Image by skeggy
Captain Wise’s armor is the outcome of “the spoils of war”. He would never had been in a position to afford such very good armor as this on his very own. He would have started out out like other soldiers and worn no matter what armor was issued to him by the Nobleman he serves. He would have acquired this considerably much better armor as both a ransom for a nobleman or knight he’d captured, as component of his “cut” of the battlefield spoils, or as a reward for his actions on the battlefield.

The helmet is a salade of Italianate manufacture, as is the relaxation of his armor. The mail coif close to his neck would possibly have been issued to him, as was the small round shield or buckler that hangs more than the pommel of the sword on his still left. Like most men of the time, he wears a belt from which is suspended his weapons and other belongings. On the appropriate is a wallet for his individual results (income, food, etc.) and a fairly wicked seeking dagger known as a misericord. This was often utilized in near overcome to look for out the weak or unprotected places in the armor of your opponent or utilized to finish the struggling of mortally wounded friends or enemies.
(Info from the Lincolne Companie Armorer)

Stone Arch
medieval wear

Picture by Annie in Beziers