Query by kpopfanatic: Is It challenging to get a occupation at the renaissance fair?
hello there, im 14 turning 15 the 1st day of the renaissance fair and i desperately need money. my friend operates there and states that they begin selecting at 13. she mentioned she is aware of an individual who wants a flower lady but she may well need to have the work also so idk. she said it isnt that difficult to get a work but i must have signed up a long time back….
do you feel i have a possibility, anyone want to share some experiences with me/ is this exciting?

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Reply by Galacticat
It really is truly tough if you don’t use. Use and maintain applying – ultimately they will be so sick of you they’re going to have to give you a task XD

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Question by Lai Yu Zeng: Viking sword, Rapier, Sabre, Cutlass and Katana, which is more difficult and lighter (show the weight of sword if can)

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Answer by Bekki B
rapier < sabre < cutlass < katana

I don't know exactly what the vikings used--maybe a two handed sword similar to a katana.

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