Question by geeks_gadgets: Why are Christians the most persecuted religion in the world?
You may say “Christian are violent, or liars, or whatever you want. But when you compare them with other religions, they are not. At least not the real Christians. Why are Christians then the most persecuted?

And don’t tell me they are not persecuted. Stop watching “fox news” and look at the international channels.

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Answer by DcubeD
I’ll argue that they’re not, but they should be.

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Issue by Actuality: Christians this concern is very Intriguing and Thoughts-blowing! Really Hard to counter! Put your faith to the test
Have you Christians ever before wondered why you must wander about to pass on the “Excellent News”?
Why you have to shell out tithes or much more to the churches convincing you that God owns your cash and it is a gesture of loyalty and really like?
Why you are made to feel that non-Christians go to hell and Christians go to heaven?

Have you?

Medieval individuals arrived up with the church program as some sort of government to handle you and make you pay out taxes “tithe”.
They needed to convince you with no forcing you so they employed you concern in hell and greed for heaven to brainwash you.

The church also planned on spreading its strength over other religions so they used the Christian followers to pass on the opinion by using the concern & reward issue on other individuals.

Medieval men and women had been naive and ended up utilized as puppets by this kind of a fraud.

I really feel sorry for you Christians who really imagine that you are serving a god by spreading the term and praying in vain every minute.

I don’t blame you for staying scared just so you know.
The genuine question is:
“Have you finally arrive to your senses or at minimum started out to experience some logic popping up your thoughts?”
Just simply because some churches really does server the community isn’t going to neglect the simple fact of the origin of the complete tithe thing.

And you are made to feel you have a partnership that just isn’t there to retain you believing.


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Reply by Doug M
You are appropriate! Faith and the Church is terrible. Two weeks back we used the Church’s (God’s) income to feed the homeless. Oh male! I must arrive to my senses and end this madness!

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