A few nice oriental sword images I found: Echinodorus cordifolius ( L. ) Griseb ‘s flower close up … Chụp gần, hoa của cây Từ Cô lá tim …. Image by Vietnam Plants & America plants Vietnamese : Từ Cô lá tim, Từ cô kiểng English names : Spade Leaf Sword, Creeping burrhead Scientist name […]


Examine out these renaissance clothing images: The pony stable is awfully near to the jousting ring. I wonder if they get inferiority complexes…. Picture by colorblindPICASO Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire near Whitehouse Texas. I believe the guy in blue has the incorrect thought about my camera…. really dude… I mean you […]


Problem by Harry D: Random Problem: Fave weapon to just take into a fight? (Close Combat)? It can variety from say Frypans, Baseball Bats with nails, Someone’s severed leg, or i choose medieval weapons these kinds of as katanas, halberds, My individual favorite is Kusari-gama or scythe Greatest response: Solution by Understanding Is Bliss1 time […]