Problem by Nimway: What are the rules/strategies to medieval sword combating?
I am composing a scene with a swordfight in Medieval placing. A two-handed sword is used for this fight and it is to the demise. What is essential for the victor to know in regards to stance, motion, use of the sword. What guidelines or knowledge does he need to have? Is there any psychology that he may possibly need to have or tips from an skilled that may help him win this combat?
Thanks to those who answered. If a two handed sword is also large, would a prolonged sword be best in this sort of a combat? If utilizing a extended sword, what would be the finest tips you could give a nobleman who ought to acquire this battle and, if there are essential conditions to use, what are they?

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Solution by Aaron4me
this depends on the character. If it is a noble character then the approach would be distinct from a person let say a barbarian. A barbarian would cost at far more of a offensive style. 1 of noble blood would be taught a lot more of a defensive strategy. Be far more certain

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Problem by : Is making use of a japanese sword a good weapon when fighting in opposition to ten or a lot more men and women?
Like i wanna know can particular person that s very experienced in combine martials and kung fu XD can they beat ten or more people even though employing a japanese sword if so why or why not?

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Solution by Jay L
personally, I would prefer an M-14 with a bayonet

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