received to consider the helmet

by admin on November 5, 2011

Check out these medieval helmet photographs: acquired to consider the helmet Image by redcargurl 16th century fluted armet Picture by Arutemu sixteenth century fluted armet helmet from the man-at-arms armour In complete armor Picture by dogwatcher Seen in Hermannsburg (Germany), on the medieval festival there (May possibly 2009). Editing with GIMP 2.six And indeed.. these […]


Some neat medieval wear pictures: Notre Dame of Lyon – aka How to Just take Clandestine Cathedral Pictures in 10 Actions Picture by Stuck in Customs This is the interior of the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. It is most likely the most lavish and beautiful cathedral I have ever before been inside. It beats […]


Check out out these renaissance apparel pictures: “What a great day. What a good stack of tree stumps. I consider I will stand right here and take a break from the 14th century grind. What could go incorrect?” Image by colorblindPICASO A shot of a Renaissance Faire merchant enjoying it WAY to awesome as her […]


Problem by Harry D: Random Problem: Fave weapon to just take into a fight? (Close Combat)? It can variety from say Frypans, Baseball Bats with nails, Someone’s severed leg, or i choose medieval weapons these kinds of as katanas, halberds, My individual favorite is Kusari-gama or scythe Greatest response: Solution by Understanding Is Bliss1 time […]