received to consider the helmet

by admin on November 5, 2011

Check out these medieval helmet photographs:

acquired to consider the helmet
medieval helmet

Image by redcargurl

16th century fluted armet
medieval helmet

Picture by Arutemu
sixteenth century fluted armet helmet from the man-at-arms armour

In complete armor
medieval helmet

Picture by dogwatcher
Seen in Hermannsburg (Germany), on the medieval festival there (May possibly 2009). Editing with GIMP 2.six

And indeed.. these are the real eyes. Seems fairly artificial, I know. Still have to tinker with some specifics of this picture…


Some neat medieval wear pictures:

Notre Dame of Lyon – aka How to Just take Clandestine Cathedral Pictures in 10 Actions
medieval wear

Picture by Stuck in Customs
This is the interior of the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. It is most likely the most lavish and beautiful cathedral I have ever before been inside. It beats the other Notre Dame in Paris by a mile. I’ve never ever been in the Sistine Chapel, which is most likely far more lavish. I was going to visit it on my previous trip to Rome but the Pope died the day I was there… so that a single was… hectic.

Trey’s Tip: My strategy for obtaining tripods into cathedrals and shooting is this:

1) Go in the exit and act like you are lost if someone asks

2) Use a extended matrix-coat and things your tripod up inside like a shotgun. Try not to wander with a limp.

three) Stride confidently by means of the crowds like you are in a hurry on a image assignment.

4) Function your way into the pews and have a seat. You can even pretend to be Catholic and say a number of Latin phrases as you sit down. I propose &quotPater Noster (My Father) or Quid Pro Quo (Rub Beads and go to Heaven)&quot

five) Slide out the tripod and assemble along the ground, When other parishioners search at you suspiciously, give them the indicator of the cross.

6) Look at for outdated people in the main aisle, since they have difficulty finding around tripods. Leap out, get your lengthy exposures at 100 ISO, then sit back again down.

7) If securty happens to get you, blame Trapped In Customs and that will confuse them long enough so you can make a getaway.

eight) Don’t be concerned about obtaining caught. The church is significantly a lot more leniant than they had been through the Inquisition. Most massive cathedrals do have crypts, but they are total of lifeless saints and they have by no means put a photographer in there.

9) If you see a tourist with a little camera using a photograph with the flash on, remember to inform them to end. The flash does practically nothing in that circumstance. It’s just embarassing for them, actually.

10) If you want some publish-processing methods, check out my tutorial at

from my everyday picture blog site at

Mild on a Provost’s brass
medieval wear

Image by Lawrence OP
Dappled light from the stained glass windows in this side-chapel on the south facet of King’s College Chapel falls on the memorial brass of Robert Hacumblen (d.1528) who was Provost of the University at the time of the chapel’s completion.

He is depicted dressed in common academic garb of the Middle Ages, putting on a surplice and a fur almuce.

Lookin In The Ruins
medieval wear

Picture by BrotherMagneto
Walls and properties worn away by time.


Check out out these renaissance apparel pictures:

“What a great day. What a good stack of tree stumps. I consider I will stand right here and take a break from the 14th century grind. What could go incorrect?”
renaissance clothing

Image by colorblindPICASO
A shot of a Renaissance Faire merchant enjoying it WAY to awesome as her booth neighbor throws axes at her.

renaissance clothing

Image by the justified sinner
Fol-de-rol! Prithee, very good sire, wherefore art thy jollity?

This guy and his goodwife boarded the practice at Hastings, dressed for a royal wedding in 1511. When a cheerfully (somewhat) inebriated fellow said to him &quotI really like what you might be wearing&quot, he turned absent in snobbish disgust when a woman jokingly mentioned, &quotCould I get previous remember to, Mr Jester&quot, he growled at her…

Truly, if you are heading to put on garments like that in public in 2011, you have Got to have at least a modicum of excellent spirits and humour.

renaissance clothing

Image by Brimley
Seen at the Mayfaire Renaissance Faire in Marshall, MI


Problem by Harry D: Random Problem: Fave weapon to just take into a fight? (Close Combat)?
It can variety from say Frypans, Baseball Bats with nails, Someone’s severed leg,
or i choose medieval weapons these kinds of as katanas, halberds,

My individual favorite is Kusari-gama or scythe

Greatest response:

Solution by Understanding Is Bliss
1 time I set a What Would Jesus Do bracelet on my Jewish friend’s wrist. It burned his skin. He threw it on the ground and it turned into a snake. We both laughed. We detest snakes. We think snakes are slimy, even even though we know they’re not.

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