by elaynab Concern by 卍 Heil Buddha 卍: Am I just a 16-year outdated brat (pretty long/rant considerably)? My mother and I don’t have a quite very good connection. All of a unexpected, she has taken an desire in my existence, schooling-smart in any case. We had been at Barnes and Noble and she asked […]

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Question by moriah: how much does it cost to rent a texas renaissance fair costume? im really going to the texas renaissance festival this friday and i want to know how a lot income to deliver and i do not know how a lot it charges to hire a costume… does anybody know what the […]


Problem by Šmûřf¡n close to with ╚énñΦn: Question- What would you do if you were locked in a room with one very much locked door, and all you had ended up.? A role of hot pink duct tape, a vintage Superman lunch box with two bananas, a plastic knife and a pack of gummy worms […]


by zpeckler Question by Chuck Norris: How significantly would it charge to build a suit of military armour that seemed like this? Life dimension. Best answer: Remedy by biggdaddy!If you have to ask you can’t pay for it! “America’s youth have drank the poisoned kool-aide of a presidential candidate who is only very good […]


Question by Terence: how a lot did a medieval shield expense? please just notify me the answer no other nonsense i actually just need the actual answer Very best response: Response by thealgamagaA medieval shield back again in those times or right now?? I will answer the two: Back in Medieval times there was not […]