Query by capekicks: Zombie apocalypse is the Biblical Apocalypse. No conflict. What’s your alternative of weapons? Modern-day or historical?
Chain mail, outdated vogue plate armor created with 21st century components or contemporary kevlar human body armor?
Mosberg riot shotgun?
A medieval mace or war hammer?
Would a taser have any influence at all?

Are you prepared??

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Solution by Cheekote
the tongue.

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Query by Lloydwebberfan: Has gentleman created a modern fit of armor that could beat a medeval suite of armor?
Has man developed a present day suit of armor that could defeat a medeval suite of armor? In a jousting competition possibly?

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Solution by anon312
I will not feel anyone has bothered but they definitely could. Modern resources are considerably lighter and stronger than what they had back then.

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Issue by Zo-twelve: Are modern day men and women brainier than medieval individuals?
I’ve just read in this BBC write-up that modern-day folks have higher cranial vaults than medieval folks and they suggest it might reflect “an increase in psychological ability”.

Is there any evidence that modern-day people are more intelligent than medieval people or by “mental capacity” do they suggest a thing distinct? kingdom/1/hello/sci/tech/4643312.stm

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Answer by fatgirlturningfit
it tends to make sensation we as humans have accessibility to far more data, so I am sure more than time our brains have tailored to be ready to procedure a lot more

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suit of armour
by Pahz

Query by anotherusernamecozlostoldone: Could a mediaeval match of armour shield you towards a contemporary gun?

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Response by Terry W
Only if u had been shot at from a fantastic distance and the bulet had slowed down a lot. MOst bullets would go right by way of

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