Question by Mortaro: global warming: Is it not true that the earth has always gone through cycles of warming and cooling?
Studies of climate show cycles of warming and cooling long before industry and machines could have had any possible effect. As one scientist put it, effects of industry could have no more than .01 degree (one hundredth) rise in temperature.
Also, for the past 10,000 or so years, earth has had a relatively stable climate, even with the “little ice age” of medieval times. Before then, the climate showed instabilities beyond anything we have experienced or imagined. There is the possibility, even probability, that these times could return, with hurricanes of 400mph winds and as large as a hemisphere, with flash freezes that occur in minutes bringing
-100 degree temperatures. Man does not know or understand everything about our climate. We are lulled into a sense of security and safety with the stable climate of today. Read and study climatology. Don’t just go by what politicians and the news networks say; they don’t take the time or effort to do their homework and be objective.

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Answer by GJ
Okay about every 10 000 years there is something called an ice age so yes but because of global warming our ice age the one to come is going to be coming sooner or later if it comes later we are not going to be around that much longer.

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Question by BB: If the Arctic is really Cooling…. then why are not we viewing this ‘good’ information in the mainstream media?
New Review Exhibits Arctic Cooling More than previous 1500 years

Canada Totally free Press
Fri, 08 Feb 2008 07:00 UTC

“The late-twentieth century, however, is not exceptionally warm in the new file: On decadal-to-centennial timescales, intervals around Advert 750, one thousand, 1400, and 1750 were similarly heat, or hotter. The 200-year prolonged heat period centered on Advertisement one thousand was considerably hotter than the late-twentieth century and is supported by other local and regional paleoclimate info. The new tree-ring evidence from Torneträsk suggests that this “Medieval Warm Period” in northern Fennoscandia was a lot hotter than formerly recognized.” material/8j71453650116753/?p=fcd6adbe04ff4cc29b7131b5184282eb&pi=

“The new Torneträsk summer season temperature reconstruction exhibits a trend of -.3°C about the very last one,500 years.” long time

Be aware: the perform was conducted by Håkan Grudd of Stockholm University’s Division of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, and in spite of the results, the investigation was not funded by business.
Martin M mentioned: “what are these nuts sites you folks go to? i am not clicking on that, locate a genuine source then i’ll study it.”

By “crazy internet site” do you suggest a web site that has a locating that you disagree with?
Martin M stated: “what are these nuts sites you people go to? i am not clicking on that, discover a genuine supply then i’ll go through it.”

By “crazy internet site” do you suggest a web site that has a discovering that you disagree with?

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Response by bravozulu
That is terrible information in their eyes. It enables “hayseeds” and “hicks” or anyone who isn’t an elite liberal to feel that we don’t require their socialist remedies.

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