California Costumes Women’s South Seas Siren Costume

California Costumes Women's South Seas Siren Costume

  • Includes Dress With Handkerchief Skirt, Head Tie
  • This product is a 2PC Set
  • 100% Polyester
  • hand wash, cold water, line dry, no dryer, no bleach.

The costume includes a dress with a handkerchief skirt and head tie. Available in adult sizes Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Items not included are jewelry, sword, and boots. Pair up with the Rouge Pirate for a couples look.

List Price: $ 60.00


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Question by princessqueen: What are the very good online stores that I can buy a halloween costumes?
I have a 7 year old son and he wants a GI joe halloween costumes. Where can I order or buy online? I live in So Calif. Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by warakorn
I recommenced you buy GI Joe Halloween costumes from Amazon

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Question by Mitch: What are some good Halloween costumes for long haired guys?
I am trying to get a head start on looking for Halloween costumes, because I always have trouble finding ones that work with my hair. My hair is just a little longer than shoulder length. All the ones I want to do require short hair. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Stella
A hippie dude

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What are some cute dog halloween costumes?

by admin on November 21, 2012

halloween costumes
by ragby

Question by Sarah: What are some cute dog halloween costumes?
I have a girl dog named Lily who is 18 or 19 in long and she is a Jack Russell Terrier mix and i want to dress her up in something cute this year for halloween. What size is best for her? Links and websites of halloween costumes will be great. Thank you to all who help me out with this one.

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Answer by Berner Sennenhund *purebred doesnt mean well bred*
Dogs don’t usually like to be dressed up….

If she doesn’t mind it and you must do it, this store has every costume imaginable for dogs..

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Question by Alex H: Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?
Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?

I have a friend who is the same height as me and I wanted to do something funny together for Halloween. I am 20/ 5 4″/ and a guy. People say we look like each other also. I have already heard ideas like umpa lumpa, smurfs, hobbits, muchkin and I wanted to hear other creative ideas. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Abhishek
have you thought of The Deadliest Catch theme

believe me for two friends this is a really cute and good theme

i can suggest some more if you can give some idea about your friend ,i mean your friend is a girl or boy

you can see the deadliest catch here (first pic in last row)

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