What twists could I increase to my novel?

by admin on September 27, 2012

Problem by Cazz – Auntie to one: What twists could I increase to my novel?
I have an notion but men and women have informed me that it is basic and I want to include some twists.
Here’s the idea..

The tale is about a medieval princess called Amira. Her father died in struggle when she was 14 a long time aged. The queen married a single of the knights named Richard. The queen is in her 40’s and in close proximity to the conclude of her reign and Richard is only a little bit older than Amira who is eighteen in the tale. Amira is instantly in line for the throne when the queen dies.

Immediately after the wedding ceremony Amira eavesdrops on a discussion among Richard and one of his servants. He explains that when the queen dies, he will kill Amira so that he can turn out to be king.
Amira seeks assist from her maid, Grace. Grace clarifies to her that she requirements to flee the kingdom.
Grace is great close friends with the black-smith in one particular of the villages and she arranges for her to keep for a while right up until she can figure out what to do about Richard.
The black-smith is the only man or woman to know that Amira is a princess and tells her that he will keep her mystery.

That is all I have so far for the starting, this is how I was thinking it will finish.

Amira makes friends in the village and assists out one particular of the regional store-keepers. She gets news of her mother’s loss of life and is informed that Richard is produced king since they believe that Amira has absent for good. Richard alterations the law and existence for peasants receives more difficult and far more dangerous. They have to shell out much more tax than prior to.

Amira wishes to cease him and take her rightful location as queen but is familiar with that she would be killed. She builds an army and at the end there is a big battle between Richard and his army, and Amira and her army.

I really thought of the ending on the place so it really is all more than the area at the moment.

Any individual asked me how arrive the black-smith is the only person to recognise Amira. I have an rationalization for that. Amira has never ever still left the castle partitions. Individuals in the villages have heard of her but have never seen her.

All right so I need to add some twists to the idea to make it more interesting. Any tips??
Oh and someone mentioned “died at the age of 40? arrive on..”
The queen was in her late 40’s and in the medieval time time period that was the lifestyle expectancy for a female. Or so I was instructed.

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Answer by Black Swan
Probably the blacksmith that is aware of she is a princess betrays her and tell Richard wherever she’s at and he receives compensated in gold coins and Amira gets thrown in jail.

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Question by : isn’t the currant jury system just a primitive system we could easily change?
the jury system was invented in medieval england. in a time the authorities represented the king.
so obviously it was the best way to make sure the law system was not just another way for the king to enforce his power. when the founding father created the news judicial system they where very afraid the republic will end up the republic their ancestors created in England after the english civil war. so they took great measures restrict the govorments power, so they wouldn’t have another Cromwell. America has 200 years of free democratic history since then. and today most people don’t view the government as an external ruling force. but as a the people representation.
there for it seems awfully primitive to have uneducated folks as juries deciding in complicated manners that are nothing like what juries had to confront 200 years ago. isn’t time to have professional juries who would be educated in law, rather then stupid hillbillies that can vote a person guilty of murder because they didn’t like the way he dresses.
civil_av8r? why
a professional jury wouldn’t care about politics… a civil jury might

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Answer by Ray J
Berry much so.

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Question by Islam Delenda Est: A hardcore liberal who actually gets it about Islamic terrorism? How could this be?

Quotes from the article:

“McEwan, 60, said it was ‘logically absurd and morally unacceptable’ that writers who speak out against militant Islam are immediately branded racist.”

“McEwan recognised that similar views were held by some Christian hardliners in America.
‘I find them equally absurd,’ he said. ‘I don’t like these medieval visions of the world according to which God is coming to save the faithful and to damn the others. But those American Christians don’t want to kill anyone in my city, that’s the difference.'”

I might just have to buy one of his novels!
curious: Is “racsim” the left’s standard response to anything they don’t like? It loses its effectiveness after it’s been trotted out every ten minutes for years on end.
curious: Reading comprehension not your strong suit, I take it? That passage was by a friend of McEwen’s. Thanks for playing, though.
sj: I can define modern liberalism in two words: Moral relativism. They generally believe there is no right or wrong, only “different”. Because of this belief, they are unwilling to defend traditional American (or more appropriately Western) values and ways of life. They are the fruit of the moral and political decay sowed during the ’60’s.

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Answer by a_wood80
I didn’t think they existed.

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Question by Sky: Could sharia law ever be introduced in civilized countries like the UK?

I am all for this protest I am fine with regular muslims but the ones who segregate themselves and demand that our laws and customs be changed to suit them in our own countries can fuck right off. Sharia law is one of the most medieval law systems and I can’t believe it’s still going on in any country!
I know it never will be because it’s basically just a permission slip for torturing people.
Sufiyan it’s the destiny of the world to eliminate muslims. Your evil ways will not be tolerated by decent society in the future.
Inquisitive Brit do you read the news? There are way too many radical muslims in the UK already. I suppose you didn’t hear about the London bombings? Or that sheik was was caught on film telling his people to rebel against the UK and that they have to have as many children as possible to boost their numbers? That scared the fucking hell out of me!

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Answer by Chop Chops™
it should be done away with, just like jewish law.

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Question by Oscar H: Where could i but..or how do i make a T-Tunic for a Renaissance fair?
im going to renaissance fair and i need a T-tunic that is affordable or easy to make

Best answer:

Answer by Sandpuppeteer
There’s tons of patterns and ideas around the internet. But pretty much you need a lot of fabric. Fold it into quarters. Cut a chunk out of the corner where all the raw edges meet. Cut a hole for the neck at the opposite corner. Unfold. Stitch together.

Patterns and better descriptions:

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