Issue by Mike: How to check created hammers/restore the broken sword on sims medieval?
In the blacksmith hero quests u can go entice chinchilla and ur supposed to make 2 hammers for the hunters but I created the hammers now it says check them and I do not know where/how to do it. Its not in the hover window discription or in the lessons checklist. I fatigued acquiring a instruction dummy and I tried to spar with ppl but no possibilities ended up obtainable. I acquired tears in my eyes from yawning my encounter off cuz I am bored of attempting to figure this out.

Also the point about repair the damaged sword and return it. I won’t be able to take the silly sword to the forge to correct it.. again no choices offered to do so and no lesson/hover window info to clarify to me wtf I’m intended to do… I’m fatigued of getting blacksmith I wanna finish these silly desires/quests so I can go back again to my monarch or do something else -_________-

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Response by sarahs_stunt_double
You have to do the checks through the “Forge…” choice at the forge. It’s on the checklist as checks for every form of hammer you had to make. Identical factor for repairing the sword. It is called “Fixed Sword” on the record

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Question by corriecorka: Can Britain or the created world handle a day with out perform?
This issue is in reaction to the latest news of an added bank holiday getaway. It was argued by some that industry would loose billions. Is this accurate? Genuine billions or billionson paper? If it was probable and all of market agreed could it be done (a day off) or would it impact other locations like the stock market and so on. If this is the circumstance would it have used back again in 1970’s, 50’s or 30’s as an case in point? Or even pre industrial revolution or medieval or roman moments? Is it because our economies are far more carefully linked than these again in Roman instances?

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Response by Fluffy
It really is all jsut on paper. If you will not do enterprise these days you catch up with it tomorrow. If you never acquire it today, you’ll obtain it tomorrow. and so on.
It really is just the employers whinging due to the fact they have to pay their personnel another day for not operating!
Many countries have a good deal far more manifeste vacations than us and they do not seem to be to experience!

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Question by Matthew: What was the title of the movie about a male who created a suit of metal armor and a bike and robbed financial institutions?
In the film I don’t forget, the principal character built a match of armor from a scraps and a trash can, and a bike from scraps too, to rob financial institutions like a robin-hood to save the island he lived on from currently being marketed. He gets shot alot like its absolutely nothing, and everyone makes fun of him since his armor looks ridiculous.

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Solution by Cryptophenylketonuric

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