Question by C1M: Funny, but cute halloween costume ideas for a twelve year old girl?
I really need halloween costume ideas! The more you give the better chance of best answer you get! I was think of being Wendy from the Wendy’s logo, but I’m not sure if people will think I’m Pipi Longstockings. Also, I was thinking of being sushi.

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Answer by Payton P
a school girl :P

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What are some cute dog halloween costumes?

by admin on November 21, 2012

halloween costumes
by ragby

Question by Sarah: What are some cute dog halloween costumes?
I have a girl dog named Lily who is 18 or 19 in long and she is a Jack Russell Terrier mix and i want to dress her up in something cute this year for halloween. What size is best for her? Links and websites of halloween costumes will be great. Thank you to all who help me out with this one.

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Answer by Berner Sennenhund *purebred doesnt mean well bred*
Dogs don’t usually like to be dressed up….

If she doesn’t mind it and you must do it, this store has every costume imaginable for dogs..

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Question by Kat: Cute Halloween costume ideas that I can throw together quickly?
I was invited to this youth group tomorrow night and apparently they’re having a Halloween party. I want to dress up, but I have no idea what/who to be =/
Since it’s such short notice, I don’t have much time to go out and buy anything, so I need a costume I can throw together with things I already own.
Any ideas?

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Answer by George M
a ghost , mabey wear something all black and color your face to look goth

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