Question by : Is it wierd for a 14 year old to not like the ‘entertainment’ these days?
I like watching the History Channel some times. I dislike the trash on Nick and Disney Channel they all seem like the same show to me. “Omg Nick has a girlfriend, ah!” I don’t want to watch shows like that. I also dislike modern music and popular culture. In fact I don’t pay attention to celebrities at all. I don’t now many of thier names till the news reports there deaths.
I dislike EXTREMELY violent games. The worst game in violence I have played is Medieval II Total War.
I also like Pirates of The Carribean. Though in my school its a “uncool” movie and ‘good’ movies MUST have a sex scene.
I also like the British TV show horrible History. I like history and the humour can be enjoyable.
Is my choice in TV show and video games strange.
My favorite TV show would have to be the Twilight Zone. (My dad grew up in the 60’s and showed me the show when I was 5) If you ask the age of parents in my school it will ver go above the age of 30.
Is my choice in TV shows stange. People say my choice in entertainment is “lame”.
Sorry for the tpos I was typing fast and did not see them.
Some people in my class watch that. I don’t like reality shows either.

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Answer by Rachel
No, good for you. Most things nowadays are just complete garbage anyway.

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Issue by ~Emma~: How did they make planks by hand in the medieval days?
I don’t forget viewing a documentary about the center ages and some place residences. I’ve often beloved that outdated rustic appear that they got from creating crude planks with axes. How is it they could get a entire sized tree, and make straight, thick, durable, broad, and amazing hunting planks? It is confused me eternally.

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Reply by mariner31
Saws have been in existence since prehistory, BUT one more common method (utilized up by way of the 1800’s in rural America) is with an Ax, a Sledge-hammer, and Wedges.

One splits the log in fifty percent by hammering wedges… a single then can split more planks off that log with More wedges.

I’ve completed that myself on a cabin I created back again in 1979, and lately with a tree (oak) that fell during a winter season storm on our ranch. We got 12 two by twelve inch planks of 15 foot in length.

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Query by R T Fischall: Has the most up-to-date EU directive over herbal solutions harkened back to medieval days and fears through witchcraft? kingdom/news/company-12196371

bang goes companies, work revenue for the treasury, yes right after our beloved pm cameron stated the Uk wouldn’t devolve any more electricity to Brussels just what we require more directives to set up unemployment somme. Or is this a safeguard we really should of had years in the past?, why now right after decades of not undertaking anything at all why at this exact minute of financial upheaval are they employing this purchase? responses on a postcard.
The Directive calls for classic, more than-the-counter natural remedies to be created to assured requirements of security and quality and for laws to be standardised across Europe.

oh me identified it hiding here we go a summary:

garlic and ginseng the herb Peruvian cat’s claw,wormwood, poke root and mistletoe and here is the biggie, the 30yr rule.

The Directive also demands that a conventional herbal medicinal product ought to be shown to have been in use for 30 decades in the EU (or at the very least fifteen years in the EU and 15 decades elsewhere) for it to be licensed and obtainable through the counter, It could also indicate that some standard herbal medicines which have been in typical use much more than thirty many years in the past, but have because fallen into disuse, may not be licensed
@bless, nicely it could or may not have, proof is necessary although.
except if garlic and gingseng herb organizations get a license then then are banned.

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Solution by Nutsters-ChickĀ©
I have tried to acquire a total list of herbal remedies they intend to ban or limit sale of.
I can’t locate it & retain hitting a brick wall.
I get the distinct feeling they are meddling for the sake of it, because they can & have no considered for the end result.
Some individuals rely on these remedies as opposed to pharmaceutical options.
I believe these EU bods really should butt out & depart it effectively on your own.
Or there could be an explosion of folks demanding much more from the NHS or worse making an attempt their hand at in search of the natural treatment at supply & poisoning on their own in the method!

How does it result the EU if folks get Fever-handful of for problems or Kava kava for depression or Ginkgo to help circulation?
It doesn’t & it could jeopardize the likes of Holland & Barrett!

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Query by flabbergasted: I’ve been viewing Sarah Palin on Fox News the very last few of days on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck. Dumb?
I can not believe they’ could say that Palin is the new face of the Republican Get together. There couldn’t be anything at all more medieval about her. She’s a holy roller who helps make up her own facts to assistance her Jesus obsession. She could not possibly be any more from representing a new route for the GOP
Hearing her babble on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck she’s even dumber than I thought. Every single other sentence that comes out of her mouth is a reference to how God has blessed this state to make it the greatest nation on earth. Probably 3/four of the populace is bankrupt and we’re only surviving as a country because China would not get in touch with in their financial debt and that’s the biggest nation on earth to her. The girl is delusional which I suppose tends to make her excellent for Fox News.

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Reply by LadyB
I assume Palin as the new deal with of the Republican Social gathering is just about right.

She’s a mess and so are they.

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