Has the newest EU directive more than herbal cures harkened back again to medieval days and fears more than witchcraft?

Query by R T Fischall: Has the most up-to-date EU directive over herbal solutions harkened back to medieval days and fears through witchcraft? http://www.bbc.co.united kingdom/news/company-12196371 bang goes companies, work revenue for the treasury, yes right after our beloved pm cameron Continue reading

I’ve been observing Sarah Palin on Fox Information the last couple of days on the O’Reilly Issue and Glenn Beck. Dumb?

Query by flabbergasted: I’ve been viewing Sarah Palin on Fox News the very last few of days on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck. Dumb? I can not believe they’ could say that Palin is the new face of the Continue reading