by Steve Snodgrass Query by Phoebe B: Description of Katniss’s Mockingjay armour suit in Hunger Video games? I skimmed by means of the guide but I cant locate it :@ I want to draw it but i require a desciption any individual tell me the page range or a tough desciprtion I cant even remember… […]


Question by dangee: i want a description of a medieval helmet? measurement, what is it made of , how it was employed, and who owned it back again in the medieval occasions. Please require fast thx if u response this u will get 10 points if u reply this u will get 10 factors Greatest […]

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by One lucky man Question by Courtney Waters: What is a medieval mace? is it some type of weapon? Description please!? ?? Best reply: Response by Feed Me Solutions!It is a sort of club. A striking head affixed to a wooden or metal deal with. It can be purely spherical, spiked, or flanged. It is […]