Question by greenacresmaw: What was baked by bakers during the Medieval Times?
Renaissance Fair Project for my class. Please help?
www.all-about-renaissance-faires.com/food is not helping.

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Answer by John Shade
Roughly the same kind, shape and taste that we eat today.

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Query by this is madness!!!: What techniques the armies utilized throughout publish-medieval instances?
afaik they utilizes pikes and which is all I know, did they alter methods when the inaccurate guns arrived (e.g. arquibuswhatever)?
I have observed drawings about the English civil war and they uses pikes ala Greek phalanx. When the guns arrived, did they alter to “hearth a wall of lead to each other until finally one aspect routs”?

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Answer by Eu Citizen
The fundamental pike principle was used when Muskets came into the photograph.

If you see on television troopers marching drills about with Guns that marchingis based mostly on pike drilllook up the vatican guard you see their pike dril?l that is what contemporary marching (with guns)is based on.

Properly thats in which military drill arrives from wherever they march with guns.

Onother adaptation to the extreme inaccuracy of the muskets was to use several troopers. They would get a entire bunch of soldiers and fire en mass at an enemy army.

The principle was if plenty of musket volleys exactly where shot 1 of the inaccurate vollies had to hit an individual eventually. As an alternative of acquiring 5 individuals fighting five men and women with crappy muskets chances are the muskets would fail and neither aspect wold win.

That is one particular way their militaries adapted during the post medieval interval.

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