Query by Ryan: Would wearing a fit of armor make you more suceptable to electric power? I have asked a related query before, but I said “lightning” which looks to have been a blunder. Lets say you touch a fairly gentle electric latest while sporting a suit of armor. Would the metal armor cause the […]


Electrical power Match: The Armor of God In shape for the Female Body Take a entirely new appear at the armor of God. Energy Match redefines the masculine image of the armor for today‚Äôs girl who understands more about company executives and financial studies than about corporals and foxholes. Electrical power Fit will take the […]


by 1 lucky guy Question by ThumbWarDestroyer: If i play electric guitar does my preferred medieval weapon have to be an axe/battle axe? subject. It may seem foolish haha. But I feel like I play a sweet Gibson SG…does that suggest I have to grow to be an axe male in real lifestyle too ) […]