Query by ThumbWarDestroyer: Ended up axes utilised far more than swords as combat weapons in Medieval Europe, Middle East or Mesopotamia?
I know that offered their multipurpose nature as both equipment and weapons, axes were less difficult to come by than swords. But had been they utilized much more typically as weapons by the Medieval European or Mesopotamian or Middle eastern armies than swords had been?

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Solution by Will
Axes were far a lot more accessible and far a lot more employed. In a lot of societies, the sword was a mark of noble or knightly rank, and the frequent guy was forbidden by law to individual or carry one particular. It really is relatively, the medieval equivalent of “Impersonating an officer” is today. In addition, swords ended up relatively costly as effectively.

As a result widespread people would carry, axes, clubs, pikes or other weapons.

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Query by this is madness!!!: What techniques the armies utilized throughout publish-medieval instances?
afaik they utilizes pikes and which is all I know, did they alter methods when the inaccurate guns arrived (e.g. arquibuswhatever)?
I have observed drawings about the English civil war and they uses pikes ala Greek phalanx. When the guns arrived, did they alter to “hearth a wall of lead to each other until finally one aspect routs”?

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Answer by Eu Citizen
The fundamental pike principle was used when Muskets came into the photograph.

If you see on television troopers marching drills about with Guns that marchingis based mostly on pike drilllook up the vatican guard you see their pike dril?l that is what contemporary marching (with guns)is based on.

Properly thats in which military drill arrives from wherever they march with guns.

Onother adaptation to the extreme inaccuracy of the muskets was to use several troopers. They would get a entire bunch of soldiers and fire en mass at an enemy army.

The principle was if plenty of musket volleys exactly where shot 1 of the inaccurate vollies had to hit an individual eventually. As an alternative of acquiring 5 individuals fighting five men and women with crappy muskets chances are the muskets would fail and neither aspect wold win.

That is one particular way their militaries adapted during the post medieval interval.

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How was a mace employed in the medieval times?

by admin on November 25, 2008

Question by Lisa: How was a mace employed in the medieval times?
If anybody could give me a clear explanation of how a mace is used it would be a great support !!! :)

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Answer by Monster Moose
you bashed folks on the head with it. its a spiky club how else would it be utilized?

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Query by antonio: The spears or boar spear is a medieval simple device employed to destroy animal or in battle.?
What variety of easy device is it ?

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Reply by Syntinen Laulu
The boar spear was a spear utilised – shock! – for killing wild boars. Like all spears, it was a prolonged pole with a pointed blade at the finish. The particular function of the boar spear was that it had a cross-piece behind the blade. This was needed due to the fact if a wild boar costs at you and you stick a narrow-bladed spear into him, he will just carry on charging even however his charge is ramming your spear appropriate through his body, and can get to you and injure or destroy you. The cross-piece was developed to prevent this taking place.

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