Problem by : do we have an equal in britain of the savagery of stoning for adultery in iran?
every person rages about the pics on the news of the veiled lady buried up to her neck and her encounter marked by stones thrown at her. Here in britain, a bloke and a girl go out and get drunk, there is some sex motion and the following early morning she is ashamed and decides she has been raperd. She goes to the police and the guy is lifted purely on her say so. He loses his family members, occupation, close friends, and when the other inmates see his cost sheet he will get kicked to death although the wardens seem the other way. But the feminists have no difficulty with this as it only counts as improper if the target is a girl.
Nonetheless sure that they are the ones with the primitive medieval technique? I could go on for hours matching you circumstance for scenario in this vogue.

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Response by Jack P
Seems as however you happen to be expressing a man really should be stoned for acquiring a tiny odd and then becoming accused by the female of what? day rape?

I feel it’s a bit excessive.

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Question by Andone: Any medieval time sport equivalent to battlefield or counter strike?
I really adore game titles wich u can play on-line , like Counter Strike or Battlefield…but i want to know if there is these kinds of a video game exactly where the policies are the same ( two teams demise match ) but with medieval occasions ( swordsmen , archers , spear guys , and so forth )….not a mode or a patch but an real sport…make sure you support

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Reply by Steve R
Hmm… sounds very exciting. The only sport i can believe of is mount and blade 2, you can do crew dying match and sieges and its all in 1st particular person, you can be archer, use sword and several, several more. you can also journey horses. its a fairly very good video game you really should verify it out :) And its all set in medieval times :). Not confident how many individuals even now play on-line though.

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