Question by serena: Positive Effects that the Crusades has on Western Europe?
I know that they basically gained a lot of loot and enriched their economic system, but can anyone be more specific or offer more positive effects?

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Answer by Chris S

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Medieval Europe?

by admin on December 12, 2010

Problem by ashley_tisdale2006: Medieval Europe?
how was information told to individuals in medieval europe? which means how did they locate out what was likely on?

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Solution by Steini -
The solution mainly depends on your definition of medieval europe… just before Gutenberg this difficulty was solved with travelling newstellers, who spread the most recent information… from the stop of the 15th century starting up, newspapers spread all above europe

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Query by ThumbWarDestroyer: Ended up axes utilised far more than swords as combat weapons in Medieval Europe, Middle East or Mesopotamia?
I know that offered their multipurpose nature as both equipment and weapons, axes were less difficult to come by than swords. But had been they utilized much more typically as weapons by the Medieval European or Mesopotamian or Middle eastern armies than swords had been?

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Solution by Will
Axes were far a lot more accessible and far a lot more employed. In a lot of societies, the sword was a mark of noble or knightly rank, and the frequent guy was forbidden by law to individual or carry one particular. It really is relatively, the medieval equivalent of “Impersonating an officer” is today. In addition, swords ended up relatively costly as effectively.

As a result widespread people would carry, axes, clubs, pikes or other weapons.

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Medieval Europe: A Brief Sourcebook

by admin on September 16, 2008

Medieval Europe: A Brief Sourcebook

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