by elaynab Question by Juan Lopez: How come in every portrait of Adam and Eve Adam has darker skin? I just find it weird. In every picture of the two Eve is very pale. I don’t know why. Just found that a little odd. Also, dos anyone kow what happens to them? I don’t remember […]


Question by The 1: hey absolutely everyone just needed to get your acquire on this shroud of turin discovery? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/eu_italy_shroud_of_turin “She asserts the terms include the name “Jesus Nazarene” in Greek, proving the text could not be of medieval origin due to the fact no Christian at the time, even a forger, would have labeled […]


Anyone every been to a renaissance fair?

by admin on April 30, 2012

Question by Rawnyy : Anyone every been to a renaissance fair? Hee hee. I am going to one soon. Don’t ask why…. It will be my first time. What can I expect? Is it a bunch of women serving beer with their boobs sticking out and loads of fat men eating turkey legs? ever* excuse […]


Question by Klaus Baudelaire: If a knight/shield-maiden (medieval) and a cowboy/cowgirl satisfied, what do you think they’d assume of every single other? The code of honour, the approaches, the manners, the weapons, the attire? Very best response: Response by Frye guyHey get a gun and let us shoot me some Indians… Or my girl, why […]

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