Renaissance Fashion Earrings

by admin on October 16, 2010

A number of nice renaissance wear pictures I found:

Renaissance Design Earrings
renaissance wear

Picture by NATALIA Photographs
This is a stunning earring set produced with gorgeous drops freshwater pearls. The pearls dangle from a chandelier with extremely intricate filigree scroll work.
Pearls have constantly been cherished, but throughout the Renaissance they ended up an integral component of any piece of jewelry. Pearl earrings were worn not only for their elegance but to show the prosperity and status of the lady. This certain design of fragile pearl earrings is timelessly romantic and feminine, with a 24kt. Vermeil.

Renaissance Typography »eX libris« (for widescreen displays)
renaissance wear

Picture by arnoKath
Wallpaper 1920×1200 designed with a calligraphic »X« initial cap. I found this gorgeous calligraphic first cap in an old German e-book from the sixteenth century referred to as »Kunstrichtige Schreibart—Allerhand Versalien oder Anfangsbuchstaben der Deutschen, Lateinischen, und Italienischen Schriften aus unterschiedlichen Meistern der Schriftkunst zusammengetragen—Nürnberg, Paulus Fürsten, Kunsthändler« (in English: Arty Lettering—Collection of all sorts of cash letters and original caps of german, latin and italian lettering developed by diferent grasp craftsmen— Nürnberg, Paulus Fürsten, arts seller).
Supply: »archive org«
The brush I created for my wallpaper, making use of the scan of the »X« original cap, I reveal with you here: Website link

Typefaces in use:

P22 (IHOF): James Grieshabers excellent Ludovico degli Arrighi revival »Operina«.

estudioCrop: Dado Queiroz’ worn, grungy, blackletter deal with »Tritura«.


Question by Riklionheart: what is thew finest fashion of sword play oriental or western? (samurai vs. knight)?

with out armor

Greatest answer:

Answer by papeche
A knight fighting in hefty armor, with a major sword, in opposition to one more male in the identical would seem to be sluggish motion and awkward as opposed to to men fighting with light armor and trained in a martial arts.
and if said knight fought one on 1 with a samurai, his absence of velocity would be his undoing.
so, I say, a samurai would appear far better in a combat, and win.

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