Query by It is what it is: What do you assume is a good booth for a Renaissance Fair?
I have to do a booth in a Renaissance fair for college and I have to make a booth on Da Vinci. The booth has to have an activity to attract men and women to it and the activity also has to be about Da Vinci. What do you think would be a creative, and enjoyable booth, that would be about Da Vinci to do?

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Response by wrldzgr8stdad
thinking about one particular of his greatest attempts was to develop a operating flying machine, why not have a booth where people can develop… and fly… their very own “flying machines”? of class, it wouldn’t be everything more than paper air planes, but you could use parchment colored paper, have colored pencils and what not for the patrons to include detail.

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Check out out these renaissance apparel pictures:

“What a great day. What a good stack of tree stumps. I consider I will stand right here and take a break from the 14th century grind. What could go incorrect?”
renaissance clothing

Image by colorblindPICASO
A shot of a Renaissance Faire merchant enjoying it WAY to awesome as her booth neighbor throws axes at her.

renaissance clothing

Image by the justified sinner
Fol-de-rol! Prithee, very good sire, wherefore art thy jollity?

This guy and his goodwife boarded the practice at Hastings, dressed for a royal wedding in 1511. When a cheerfully (somewhat) inebriated fellow said to him &quotI really like what you might be wearing&quot, he turned absent in snobbish disgust when a woman jokingly mentioned, &quotCould I get previous remember to, Mr Jester&quot, he growled at her…

Truly, if you are heading to put on garments like that in public in 2011, you have Got to have at least a modicum of excellent spirits and humour.

renaissance clothing

Image by Brimley
Seen at the Mayfaire Renaissance Faire in Marshall, MI


Question by Klaus Baudelaire: If a knight/shield-maiden (medieval) and a cowboy/cowgirl satisfied, what do you think they’d assume of every single other?
The code of honour, the approaches, the manners, the weapons, the attire?

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Response by Frye guy
Hey get a gun and let us shoot me some Indians… Or my girl, why dost thou get up arms? It is incorrect for a maiden to journey beasts and quarrel with guys.

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