Question by MissDeviance: Would you watch web-casts of live gladiator fighting (the real deal, not for points, to the death).?
See this story first:

If he wins his case, what’s to stop a primative third-world country, like north Pakistan or North Korea, from featuring web casts that include live, human gladiator fights to the death over the web, Pay-Per-View?

With all the other cultural decays occuring, is this next? Will we soon see web-casts of actual fights to the death, perhaps using convicted criminals and using medieval weaponry? (Definite shades of that Schwarteneggar movie written by Steven King.)

And… no be honest… would you watch?

If no, never… what if it was between two convicted child molestors or killers who were proud to cause severe suffering to the children they victimized? Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious to see them get their just rewards?

But… what happens to the winner?

Curious times we live in, no?

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Answer by Ultimate Muleskinner
I’d watch.

The winner could live to fight another day. I can see it now…..internet thumbs up or thumbs down on the Jumbo-tron to determine if the loser was killed…..Just like in Roman times.

I’d pay to watch it.

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Sword Fighting in Miami?

by admin on May 1, 2012

Question by : Sword Fighting in Miami?
I am looking into learning more about sword fighting and I wanted to know about a place where they can teach you oriental sword fighting in Miami

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Answer by CTC
Many MAs have sword forms and there are different swords used in the different MAs.

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Question by kade m: What types of japanese sword fighting instruct you about katanas?
What types of japanese sword fighting train you how to use katanas?

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