Question by MissDeviance: Would you watch web-casts of live gladiator fighting (the real deal, not for points, to the death).? See this story first: If he wins his case, what’s to stop a primative third-world country, like north Pakistan or North Korea, from featuring web casts that include live, human gladiator fights to the […]


Sword Fighting in Miami?

by admin on May 1, 2012

Question by : Sword Fighting in Miami? I am looking into learning more about sword fighting and I wanted to know about a place where they can teach you oriental sword fighting in Miami Best answer: Answer by CTCMany MAs have sword forms and there are different swords used in the different MAs. What do […]

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Question by kade m: What types of japanese sword fighting instruct you about katanas? What types of japanese sword fighting train you how to use katanas? Best solution: Reply by boworlBudo Give your reply to this question down below!