Q&A: Making independent film?

by admin on January 18, 2012

Issue by : Creating impartial film?
I’ve usually liked generating movies since I was first launched to it in school. My wife is a extremely competent seamstress and has usually built superb costumes for all of our flicks. We have produced several different style based films ranging from movie noir detective tales to horror. I now plan on making a movie set in a medieval fantasy themed time these kinds of as the war hammer universe. My spouse is apt in making all costumes pertaining to fabric based mostly materials even so she will not be ready to make armor other than leather-based. My question is how can I make fantasy like armor with no the support of a blacksmith, buying presently duplicate created armor, and not investing a great deal of income. Be aware that it doesn’t want to be metal just have the appearance of metal. Remember to only offer you real recommend and none of the “you can’t apart from to do that with no the prior to talked about things”.

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Reply by D L
hmmm… just questioning what costume producing has to do with photography????

maybe you must article this in yet another category. photogs are silly. we only know cameras not blacksmithing. maybe you can lower cardboard to form and paint it.

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Query by : Looking for an old creepy film about the bubonic plague?
I can not discover this motion picture and its driving me nuts! When I was in 7th grade our instructor demonstrated us a whacked documentary (mockumentary?) about the bubonic plague, in which “modern day” television information anchors would report on the problems in medieval europe. There were a bunch of crazy scenes that created no sense to us children, but definitely left a mark (multi-confronted zebra people singing tunes?) I’ve mentioned this film to my old classmates and they ALL remember it, but none of us is aware what its called or wherever to discover it!
i was in 7th grade in 1997, but even then the motion picture looked dated. Its not “The plague” by Albert Camus. It felt like more of an art-home documentary type film than a element film.

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Reply by readstar
I don’t forget it as well! I feel it was a Channel 1 manufacturing, I will not know if they at any time introduced it as a movie for sale to the general manifeste.

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Question by Justin C: How did Twilight defeat a few of Oscar winners and film about a suit of armor that flies and shoots missiles?
Critically, Twilight conquer Iron Man and Dim Knight? A self-loathing sunshine sparkler defeat a flying suit of armor that shoots missiles and freakin’ Batman? And how’d it beat Slumdog Millionaire? It the was THE award-successful film of 08? Now I see why the Oscars are held in increased regard that an MTV award.

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Reply by amanda b
I did not even like slumdog millionaire. In simple fact I turned it off halfway by means of simply because I believed it was stupid. I didn’t like Ironman either, despite the fact that Dim Knight was extremely very good. Twilight was an excellent film and there are tons of enthusiasts that agree.

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