Q&A: Making independent film?

by admin on January 18, 2012

Issue by : Creating impartial film? I’ve usually liked generating movies since I was first launched to it in school. My wife is a extremely competent seamstress and has usually built superb costumes for all of our flicks. We have produced several different style based films ranging from movie noir detective tales to horror. I […]


Query by : Looking for an old creepy film about the bubonic plague? I can not discover this motion picture and its driving me nuts! When I was in 7th grade our instructor demonstrated us a whacked documentary (mockumentary?) about the bubonic plague, in which “modern day” television information anchors would report on the problems […]


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Question by Justin C: How did Twilight defeat a few of Oscar winners and film about a suit of armor that flies and shoots missiles? Critically, Twilight conquer Iron Man and Dim Knight? A self-loathing sunshine sparkler defeat a flying suit of armor that shoots missiles and freakin’ Batman? And how’d it beat Slumdog Millionaire? […]