Question by UNCBballGirl: where can i find a review of the NC Renaissance Fair in Raleigh? just a link please. I am looking for the one in Raleigh, not Charlotte. Best answer: Answer by NiceOneIt was reviewed in,. which consists of opinions from private individuals: And here is a blogger’s review: Hope […]


by Gidzy Question by FanArtWriter: Wherever can I uncover photos of Quarian in medium or hefty suit? I am hoping to draw a photo for a friend of mine. The characters, Quarian, are from a sport referred to as Mass Effect. It’s a game I in no way played in my living so I will […]


Question by comixgod50: In which to go to find out medieval sword tactics? Is there universities or teams that would train genuine sword strategies from the medieval times, with a longsword? Greatest reply: Solution by jplatt39 They have a Enormous range of affilliated craftspeople and sword instructors. What do you assume? Reply down below!


by SMercury98 Question by coolsambushido: Where can I find handforged colorful Samurai katana swords at cost-effective price? I am hunting for true handforged Samurai fashion katana swords, and was instructed that Paulchen and Hanwei are the best, but they are actually high-priced. So I am contemplating if some real handmade excellent katana swords as Paulchen,Hanwei, […]

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