Q&A: Finest Medieval Weaponry?

by admin on July 28, 2009

by crowolf Query by Janene W: Very best Medieval Weaponry? I’m currently writing a e-book set in a fantasy setting. I want to come up with some weapons for my protagonists, but I also want them to be historically accurate. So I was questioning, what would be the finest weapons to be carried into a […]


Query by rec lady: What is the greatest technique to thoroughly clean a metal medieval design helmet that is tarnished? Best response: Response by firstythirstyWith polish. It might consider a number of periods, but it should get it clean and shiny. Add your individual solution in the comments!


by IslesPunkFan Query by Ahmed H: What are the finest universities that teach medieval arms and armour? I know that museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Artwork in NYC have wonderful collections of medieval arms and armour, and I could fancy that there are a good deal of researchers studying the objects preserved there…but, don’t […]


Query by Zesus45: What are the finest sites to locate out about medieval weapons these kinds of as the Pike and Gown Sword? Very best response: Reply by DapiferVery first of all, the weapons you bring up are not normally medieval. Although pikes ended up utilized in the Middle Ages, specially at the finish of […]