Lion’S Flail Testimonials

by admin on January 22, 2012

Lion’S Flail

Lion'S Flail

38″ long. All tough plastic design. Lion take care of with spiked chain url related to tri plastic blades. Beautifully comprehensive.
Materials: Plastic
Whip into motion!

Listing Price tag: $ 24.00

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Question by Keely: Recommendations for how to make medieval weapons for a quality four class undertaking – a flail, protect and sword.?

Finest remedy:

Solution by Monika
Use cardboard!

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Bitz Crusader Knight with Flail

by admin on September 1, 2011

Bitz Crusader Knight with Flail

  • A new way to learn, play and display! Collectible quality. Comprehensive end.
  • Medieval action model 4D puzzle. Poseable articulation. Hand painted parts. Very good thorough sculpturing.
  • Medieval Crusader Knight.
  • Contains 41 items.
  • CHOKING HAZARD! Small areas.

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List Price tag: $ 14.99

Cost: $ 17.53


New Trademark Genuine Medieval Flail 33 Inches Wooden With Black Cord Wrappings Handle For Grip

  • Genuine Medieval Flail..33 inches.
  • Individual a accurate museum high quality flail with styling primarily based on the true things located in “digs” underneath and all around the castles of Europe.
  • This hand-created masterpiece has an total prolonged length of approximately 33 inches.
  • The diameter of the spiked metal cast balls is two one/2 inches.
  • The take care of is wooden with black cord wrappings for grip.

This type weapon was widely employed all the way through the ages and replicates the style and construction of those early flail weapons.This belongs in every assortment!

Listing Value: $ 59.94



Issue by toucan_sam4: Is there a distinction among a flail and a bola?
I was studying up about medieval weaponry and I observed a weapon named a bola. I constantly assumed it was called a flail. Is that just an additional title for it or are they two equivalent kinds of weapons?

Finest reply:

Response by pheemz
They are absolutely different.

A flail is a near range weapon, a bola is a thrown weapon consisting of cords with weights on the conclude.

Check out out the picture right here:


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